Selah~Day Seventeen

I just had the best 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with my 3 year old, Judah. And, he did 90% of the talking. He must take after me. Our nightly routine involves some of the following:

1. Tuck Judah in bed.

2. Judah cries and says his tummy is yummy. Begs for food.

3. Explains to Judah that he isn’t hungry, just tired.

4. We say our bedtime prayers.

5. Judah asks mommy to tell him a story.

Several months ago, I started telling Judah these real life stories which have him as the main, heroic character, who rescues one of his cousins from an adventurous event. I vivdly explain the setting, characters, and actions of my story, and I can see Judah acting out the parts in his head. He is a captivated audience and I LOVE IT. Tonight, however, I became the captivated audience as Judah retold me in detail a story which blended the plot lines of all the stories I have ever told him. In this story, we built a campfire, prayed for our friend’s burnt finger, put out fires, made a boat that a crocodile jumped on while floating down the river, watched swinging monkeys, and cut down vines in the vine jungle with our knife so we could sew up the holes in our butterfly nets in order to catch two orange butterflies and one blue one.

That was a mouth full, I know. Judah told me that story in the most excited, expressive way, and the best part is he still has a lisp and mis-pronounces many words. It was awesome. I have quite the little story teller on my hands! What a personality he is developing. After the magnificent tale ended, I realized something. I fall more in love with Judah with every conversation that I have with him. When we talk with one another, I learn so much about who he is and the personality he is developing and the young boy he will be. And, I love him more and more and more.

That, my friends, is what happens when we spend time talking to God. The more we talk to Him, the more in Love with Him we become. When we learn His ways, His character, His personality, we fall more in love with Him.

Also, Judah loved the undivided attention I gave him while he was telling his story. When he would pause to take a breath, he would always restart the story with, “and mommy you know what happen next…” Judah wanted to make sure I was still listening, still engaged, and still excited to hear every word that came from his mouth. My Father, God, would love the same undivided attention. Wow~how often has He wanted to speak to me, but I am too busy or not listening that I miss the most imporant, exciting conversation of my life? God, the creator of the it all, wants to talk to me! I want to listen and show Him that I am excited, I am engage, I am fully involved in the conversation…sitting on the edge of my seat, can’t wait for the next word…that excited.

Lord, please forgive me when I have neglected our talks. I know that you want to talk to me. As I spend more time talking to you, I will fall more in love with who you are. 

My 28 Thanks:

1. God wants to talk to me.

2. The more I talk to God, the more I know Him. The more I know Him, the more I love Him.

3. I can know God more.

4. I got to spend 3 hours talking to God today while at work.

5. My voice was strong enough to talk to God out loud for that long.

6. Lori, preschool director, and I placed our big order for our summer series Off the Rails.

7. Lori and I realized today that this series is like doing an 8 week long VBS! The kids are going to LOVE IT.

8. Lori can draw. She is like a jack of all trades. She made an amazing sketch of a growth plan for Training Wheels. I can’t wait to present it.

9. Doroty was so sweet and went and got me lunch today. I was able to just work right through lunch, but not starve!

10. Had an unexpected visit from Zach today. He is excited about interning with me this summer. Love it when young people realize a call on their life…and it is even better when that call is to KIDS MINISTRY!

11. Zach said something really funny and I laughed so hard I had to spit a mouth full of water into the trash. Thankful that I didn’t spew it all over my Mac book pro.

12. My friend, Holly, had a prayer answered today!

13. Spent 60 minutes tonight mapping out some future sermon notes for KidMotion. Love uniterrupted brain storms.

14. Three of my kidmin leaders stepped up today and said they would help me with an event this week. They are amazing! Everytime I get concerned about staffing an event, the Lord

15. Came home from work, changed clothes, played in the water with Judah.  Judah loves when I play with him.

16. Judah followed me everywhere tonight. He wanted me to be with him at all times. He just wanted to be close to me. That doesn’t always happen.

17. Enjoyed a nice conversation on the porch swing with my in-laws.

18. Robert, my bro-in-law, had someone cover his shift at fire station tonight so he could surprise his family and spend the evening with them. I love when people surprise the ones they love.

19. My plants are growing so well.The beets, green beans, onions, and peppers are doing so well in my pallet garden.

20. Pastor Ted, my boss,  asked me to be his friend on facebook. Ha Ha Ha…I haven’t approved it yet. I thought I would hold out for a while.

21. So glad that my pastors love to have fun.

22. Bath time for Judah was simple tonight. I didn’t have to dry 40 toys at the end of the bath.

23. Today, I think I did a really good job balancing both work and home life. Both got my very best.

24. Judah played with my hand the whole time he told me his adventurous story.

25. Judah has a vivid imagination.

26. I put Gary on speaker phone and he got to hear Judah’s story too.

27. Judah is fascinated with his daddy and his job. He loved putting out fires in his story too.

28. The sun was shinning so bright today. I love being warm.


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