Selah~Day Thirty Four

People are People are People. And, I am one of those people. Sometimes people will fail you, sometimes they will disappoint you, sometimes they will overwhelm you, sometimes they will say mean things to you, sometimes they won’t understand you, sometimes they won’t be nice to you, sometimes they will betray you. Then, sometimes they will come through for you, sometimes they will please you, sometimes they will help you out, sometimes they will say sweet things to you, sometimes they will understand your heart, sometimes they will be nice to you, sometimes they will be loyal to you. People are People are People.

Thankfully, my God is not a People. With my Father, I always know what I am going to get.  He is constant. He will never fail me. He only overwhelms me with His mercy, grace, love and goodness. He speaks good things about me. He knows my heart. He is always loyal.

I am so glad that my God is not a People. Could you even imagine what the world would be like if God was a people…a people like you? I am so thankful that my objective is to strive to be like Him and not the other way around.

My 28 Thanks:

1. God is not a people. He is God!

2. God says nice things about me.

3. God is constant. He doesn’t have mood swings.

4. God is loyal.

5. God is good to me all the time.

6. I got to wear a hat to work today. The rain was an awesome excuse for hat hair!

7. Our tile company was damaged in the tornado, so we found out today that some of our tile would not be here in time. Thankfully, we were able to work it all out.

8. Ken, who was not our original tile salesperson, helped us a lot today.

9. All the tile will arive by Friday morning.

10. Our counters got installed today. Two days ahead of schedule.

11. Gary really helped me out today. He helped me setup for tonight.

12. Dustin setup our temporary movie screen for the boys tonight. He helped us out last minute and I appreciate him.

13. I found most of my Sunday teaching props at Dollar Tree today…and they were only a $1.

14. My Rainbow (ages 3-5) leaders are amazing. They do a fantastic job with a large group of kids. So thankful for these ladies.

15. Gary and I got to watch Judah in his very first badge ceremony tonight.

16. My nursery team was understaffed tonight and had so many crying babies. But, they didn’t complain. They left with a smile on their face. I am so thankful for their heart to serve.

17. Our Girls were celebrated tonight. They worked so hard this past year in Girls Ministry. I love watching them smile when their name is called.

18. All my leaders talked in the microphone.

19. Mr. Scott and Mrs. Tonya ran and got a giftcard for our top honor star.

20. The boys enjoyed their dinner and movie night.

21. All the Ranger leaders like their new classroom locations.

22. I got to leave the church before 9:45 p.m. tonight.

23. We had no storms today and I thought we were going to have them this evening.

24. Lorry Gail is starting her own blog of 10,000 reasons. She is an awesome friend, a creative genius,  and a great kidmin leader.

25. Brittney is starting her own blog of 10,000 reasons. She has the sweetest of spirits and is a great kidmin leader. I am excitred for her…she is going to Orlando, Fl. next week!

26. Luci is starting her own blog of 10,000 reasons. She is a selfless person, who always puts others first.

27. Gary is my best friend.

28. My heart feels so good after writing this blog.



One thought on “Selah~Day Thirty Four

  1. Kara, I needed this post so much today! I love your reminder that God is not a people – I’ve been dealing with people people all day long and needed the reminder that God doesn’t act that way! Love you Kara!

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