Selah~Day Thirty Five

My 28 Thanks:

1. Last night I took a break from technology. I watched a movie with my family. It was a good evening.

2. I am setting boundaries in my life. I have to get balance in my schedule.

3. Judah slept until 7:45 this morning.

4. Judah let me snuggle with him a little longer this morning.

5. Judah wanted to hold my hand several times today.

6. My MIL let Judah stay and play with his cousins while I ran a few errands today.

7. I got to talk to my childhood friend today over the phone. We don’t get to talk often, but when we do, we just pick up were we left off.

8. I ate strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were so good.

9. Blueberries were amazing too.

10. I got a good deal on some cute pants today.

11. I found Gary’s Father’s Day gift. He didn’t want me to spend any money on him, but I think he will like the gift Judah and I bought him.

12. My husband is the BEST dad in the whole world. I have never seen a more involved dad. I am sure there are some who would argue with me. But, in my world…Gary is the top of the top.

13. I relaxed and watched a really cute movie on the Hallmark channel.

14. I love the Hallmark channel. They usually only show good, wholesome, family friendly movies.

15. A good love story is good for the soul.

16. The weather was amazing today and the wind was but a whisper.

17. Our Off the Rails rehearsal was Off the Rails. Both preschool and elementary services are DO NOT miss services this Sunday.

18. Lorry Gail had her script memorized. I know she worked hard on it and she rocked it! So thankful she is on my team. She makes us better.

19. Maxton and Peyton did so well as our puppeteers. I can tell they have practiced.

20. Good friends of ours finally got a contract on their home today. We all prayed and the Lord answered. He is Faithful to provide, He is more than enough, and He always comes through right on time.

21. Angela Medina sent my team a sweet message on facebook. Her son Micah loves Kids church and he told her when he was older and a daddy he would put his kids in the van and take them to Crossroads Kids church because it was the best.

22. Kids have this special power to make me smile and want to pull my hair out and do both all in the same moment! Ha Ha

23. I heard Judah singing My Best Friend, Jesus today.

24. Pastor Tami spoke very encouraging words into my life.

25. I have friends in my life who make me laugh.

26. My parents got to drive to OKC last minute and see my uncle and watch Gage play t-ball. I know how happy it makes my mom to see her granboys! So glad she had this unexpected opportunity.

27. My sweet friend Debby is so excited about her newly remolded home. I love all the pictures she shares with me.

28. My dad was given an award today. It was the highest honor in his field. I am proud of my dad. He is a determined, disciplined, hard working man.



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