Selah~Day Thirty Six

Great husband, Great son, Great day…TOGETHER!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I laughed so hard this morning. He woke up in such a good mood. He wanted to wrestle.

2. I finished all the laundry this morning.

3. Gary, Judah, and I went shopping.

4. We bought a new kitchen table.

5. Our kitchen backsplash is done.

6. We had a wonderful lunch together at Johnny Carinos.

7. Judah tried to paint himself with his spaghetti. He doesn’t quite know how to eat those noodles with a fork. He still prefers his hand. It was a funny, messy sight.

8. We got a free lunch at Johnny Carinos with a coupon I found.

9. Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and Garlic…whoever made that combo was brilliant.

10. His perfect love casts out all fear.

11. I don’t deserve God’s love, but by golly He sure does love me.

12. Judah ate three large meals today…sitting down.

13. I didn’t have to make food for him every hour because he only ate one bite before running off to the next toy or task.

14. My son has so much energy.

15. He is adventurous and inquisitive.

16. Gary gave himself and Judah a haircut and he did such a good job. Great savings.

17.We had a great conversation with our next door neighbor.

18. He let Judah play in his newly delivered, awesome pile of dirt.

19. Judah can entertain himself with a cup and dirt.

20. Off the Rails starts in 12 hours.

21. Porch Swings.

22. Youtube helped me come up with a great teaching alternative for tomorrow. The kids will like it.

23. My electronic toothbrush is amazing.

24. Healthy teeth to brush.

25. Protection while we drove around to many stops today. People were driving a little crazy, but my God protects me.

26. My friend, Debby, went to the Dollar General Store today. They were giving away items. They made Debby take 85 tubes of Neosporin. I am still laughing…she thought I might want some. Maybe one, so now she is down to 84 tubes.

27. Laughter.

28. Shea celebrates her birthday today! And, I celebrate her too. She is such a sweet friend. With style, grace, hard work, and compassion, she serves our team well. We are better because she is on it. Happy Birthday, Shea. You are loved and I am thankful you are in my life.


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