Selah~Day Thirty Seven

I am sure we have all had our fair share of hurtful words spoken against us. Human instinct causes one to either want to hide his or her head in a hole or charge into a full assault. Depending upon the situation, I am sure that I have been tempted to do one of the two previously mentioned scenarios. Thankfully though, growth and wisdom have taught me that I don’t have to respond to hurtful words at all in my own power, but rather, I can combat them with the Words that the Lord has already spoken about me. Because His words are everlasting, they thwart any fiery insult spoken from someone else’s tongue.

My mom always told my siblings and I the very useful Proverb, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” I have used this Proverb in my adult life more than any of the others, I believe! I refuse to fight the enemy using his own weapons of war. I am sure nothing tics the devil off more than for me to use the Word of the Lord as my choice weapon to combat the lies, the manipulation, and the hurtful words he spoke to me through other people. Right now, “Shake the Haters off!” Combat those words spoken AGAINST you with the Words God speaks FOR you!

Don’t allow someone’s negative words to have any power over you. Some words hurt, some words tear down, and some words destroy. But, the Word of the Lord heals, the Word of the Lord builds up, and the Word of the Lord makes all things new. The only Words that should rule and guide your life are those spoken by your LOVING FATHER. He thinks good things about you.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I know what God’s Word says about me.

2. His Word has power in my life.

3. I don’t allow hurtful words from others to control my life.

4. The Lord has taught me to respond with a soft answer.

5. A soft answer can turn away wrath!

6. God’s Word heals.

7. God’s Word builds up.

8. God’s Word makes all things new.

9. God speaks on my behalf.

10. Before I was even formed in the womb, God was preparing words to speak over me.

11. The book of Proverbs.

12. God thinks about me and they are good things.

13. A friend poured her heart out to me today. My response to her prompted this entire blog tonight. I think the Lord is wanting to speak to some others tonight.

14. The Lord really spoke to me tonight while writing it.

15. Marrell Sanders helped out in KidMotion today. He is such a fun guy. He makes me laugh.

16. Matt Fulton helped out in KidMotion today. He has such a sweet spirit for the kids.

17. Shea and Luci loved leading their first KidMo small group.

18. New leaders…fresh faces.

19. The kids loved the two new songs in both Preschool and KidMotion services.

20. Even thought the KidMotion room flooded last night, the team had it clean by 10:00 a.m.

21. All KidMin services went well today.

22. I believe that I had a divine appointment conversation this evening. Talking to God about the direction He would have me to take.

23. My in-laws were a huge help today. They took Judah to church and picked him up for me. When Gary is at the fire station, help with this task is SUCH A BLESSING!

24. The kids were so excited about the giveaways today.

25. Judah slept on my chest during church tonight. Although he will probably be up until midnight, it was so nice to hold him while he slept.

26. Even though she didn’t feel well at all, Lorry Gail came, saw, acted, and conquered. She was a great host for Off the Rails.

27. Pastor Ted preached a good word tonight. I have never chopped wood or hauled water, but I have “Hauled Wood.” It definitely wasn’t my favorite job. It is so important to get the Lord involved in your business. He can save you time, energy, and money:)

28. The Lord fights for me, I need only to be still.



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