Selah~Day Thirty Eight

I am one of God’s most sensitive, gentle, and beautiful creations…”I am a WOMAN! W-O-M-A-N…I’ll say it again!”There is just something in my DNA that makes me FEEL. I feel for everyone and everything. Whether the feeling is good or bad, I feel it. Can any other woman out there say, “Amen?”

Sometimes we do things because of our feelings. But, sometimes we do things INSPITE of our feelings. You see, on February 18, 2013, my feelings would have never allowed me to start this blog to 10,000 reasons. However, I knew that like David in Psalm 34, I would praise the Lord at all times and through all circumstances regardless or inspite of how I feel.

So, my big thought for tonight is this: “FEEL your feelings, just don’t  FOLLOW all of them.”

My 28 Thanks:

1. I am a woman.

2. I am sensitive to the needs of others.

3. When Judah wakes up before Gary gets home from the fire station, he always runs and hides. It makes for a very cute, early morning game of hide and seek.

4. Judah always hides in the exact same spot! I love his innocence.

5. Much was accomplished at our house today. The countdown has started.

6. Staff prayer meeting this morning.

7. I got to have lunch with my friend, Danielle. She has such a passion for the Lord. I am looking forward to spending many more lunches with her.

8. The Father’s Day promo video made me Laugh out Loud.

9. Charlie Burchardt is such a funny dude. So glad he is on our team.

10. Rony Renfrow is creative, hard working, and a wonderful addition to our team.

11. I love watching young people worship the Lord. They are completely unashamed in their worship.

12. I saw Skylar worshipping the Lord this morning unashamedly.

13. Summer has officially arrived.

14. We were able to record Puppet Sketches for both weeks 3 and 4.

15. The team did a great job.

16. Gary went grocery shopping today.

17. I got to eat outside today at lunch.

18. Grilled steak and baked sweet potato for dinner.

19. Judah ate too!

20. My sweet friend, Janelle, complemented my blog from last night.

21. I have learned of two more people who have joined the 10,000 reasons challenge.

22. Even though they stink, corn nuts are the best snack ever.

23. Saw some plans today…exciting.

24. Judah played in the swimming pool this evening and had a blast.

25. Fun in the swimming pool is totally counting for bath time too tonight!

26. Judah gave me a really big hug and kiss tonight.

27. Maxton and I had a great conversation today on the way home for the recording. We talked about memorizing Psalm 91. He told me he loved that passage. He is a great kid…

28. There is always light at the end of every tunnel.


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