Selah~Day Forty

Tonight marks 40 days of blessing the Lord. After tonight’s blog, my heart will have already found 1,120 reasons to praise the Lord. The journey has just begun and I can’t wait to travel the road to 10,000 reasons.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I get to serve alongside some of the most awesome men and women of God. Leaders who are committed to invest in the life of a child.

2. I get to serve alongside a team of leaders who unashamedly rock out to some of the craziest kids praise music.

3. They don’t even care that they somtimes look really goofy.

4. My Wednesday Night team rushes to church after working all day. Then, they are excited to give 2 more hours so kids can know more about Jesus.

5. The kids made the cutest Father’s Day crafts for their dads tonight.

6. Judah made Gary the cutest Father’s Day craft tonight.

7. Mrs. Mindy and Miss JaQuisha celebrated dads today in staff childcare. They fed dads donuts and coffee. They also had the kids make really sweet crafts. It was awesome.

8. Mindy and Jaquisha are rockstars!

9. Our nephew, Kaden, is here for a visit.

10. Kaden makes Judah feel so special. He is older than Judah but totally puts up with his 3 year old cousins behavior.

11. Kaden is an amazingly respectful 10 year old.

12. Gary and Zach moved 15 tables for me today.

13. The story of the Prodigal Son.

14. I got to see my friend, Janelle, tonight. We only said “hi” for a moment, but she looked so alive and awesome.

15. Debbie helped us out tonight. She helped lead our new summer theme song, Greater is He.

16. Marrell did an awesome job leading the game segment tonight. He is such a fun guy.

17. Super thankful to have Greg on our team. He told me he had a blast tonight.

18. Danielle just came to see what I was up to on the second floor. She had an absolute blast and left with a kidz ministry worker application in hand!

19. My brother’s chiropractic office was swamped with patients today. I am so proud of the professional, caring, and excellent doctor he is and will continue to be. He and my sis-in-law, Meg, have an amazing practice that really helps people.

20. Natural Medicines and Homeopathic remedies.

21. Medical advancements that are helping out my uncle tonight.

22. My Uncle, Danny, is a wonderful, smart, caring man. He has always been so proud of his nieces, nephews, and great nephews.

23. Doctors who are giving my uncle excellent care.

24. The kids loved the game we played tonight.

25. Several people stayed late to help us clean up our big Wednesday night mess.

26. My friend, Lynn, who lost EVERYTHING in the tornado, was driving a really nice, better than the last one, mini-van. So excited for her!

27. Gary starts his 4 days off today!!!!

28. Commander Michael made reference to my blog tonight. His wife, Angela, reads it. Thankful for this sweet family. The have awesome kids and several of them. So glad they are a part of our church family. They give to others selflessly and are a great example for so many others.


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