Selah~Day Forty One

My 28 Thanks:

1. Began the day with an awesome early morning devotion outside in the shade.

2. Chapter 6 and 7 of The Blessed Woman. Debbie Morris’ book is so good and so timely.

3. Mark 10…Jesus loves children too. He says they are valuable. He welcomes children to Him.

4. I did not completely lose my sanity, clothes, or bladder when the live locust fell from the tree and launchd an assault in my hair and then continued down in my shirt.

5. My Bible and book didn’t suffer much damage when I launched them across the wet yard during the locust assault.

6. I can choose my attitude.

7. Judah had a wonderful time with his cousin, Kaden.

8. Gary left the house really early this morning to work on a ladies fence. Her home received lots of damage in the tornado.

9. My husband isn’t afraid of hardwork.

10. My husband works really hard for his family.

11. Our little family got to go swimming today at my brother’s house.

12. My mom is in town this weekend. I love spending time with her.

13. My mom is so funny. She could probably be an improv comedian. She says the funniest things whether we are in conversation, eating at a restaurant, people watching, or driving down the street. You don’t ever know what might come out of her mouth next. Every conversation with my mom is like an adventure.

14. Sunscreen.

15. We purchased all of our bathroom vanity mirrors today.

16. We got them all at 50% off.

17. The closing date has been set for our home.

18. My son’s imagination continues to grow.

19. Kaisers homemade ice cream for dessert.

20. Mr. Brian is going to sub for Mr. Matt while he is out on vacation this week. So thankful for awesome leaders who always fill in the gap when needed.

21. Mr. Dale is excited to help teach this weekend in KidMotion.

22. Gary and I get to spend two full days together this week.

23. My uncle Danny had great results from his heart test. NO BLOCKAGE.

24. We got to visit Danny tonight.

25. The stain we chose for our floors turned out to be…perfect.

26. Super excited for a family in our church, who are also great friends of ours. I love it when the future of my kids looks really really bright.

27. My mom surprised me with a new outfit. And, it is my favorite color…green.

28. Friends and Family make ones life so full. I am so thankful that I am truly STUFFED.


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