Selah~Day Forty Two

The days seem to end before they even begin. But, they are full of life and fun.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My morning was so peaceful.

2. I love having quiet time outside.

3. The rain really refreshed my plants today.

4. Ephesians 1

5. The eyes of my heart can be flooded with light.

6. God can give me a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.

7. I am called to a Glorious Hope.

8. We had a nice lunch with my mom.

9. My mom and I did a little shopping this afternoon.

10. My mom bought me a really special Proverbs 31 Woman bracelet.

11. My mom made it back to her house safely.

12. The carpet has been laid in my home. One step closed to moving in!

13. We met another set of neighbors tonight. They seem really sweet.

14. They have grandkids at their house all the time. One is 3 years old. Judah will love having new friends.

15. Picked up a wedding shower gift for my friend, Valerie. I am so excited to celebrate her.

16. Gary loves his watch that Judah got him for Father’s Day.

17. Church service will be fun for all the men in the house tomorrow morning.

18. Got our church mailer in the mail. It looked awesome. Charlie did a great job on the upcoming series, Divin’ In, graphic.

19. Glad to be a part of a great church family.

20. I prayed for a lady today who was having a bad day.

21. The staff at the Immediate Care center was awesome. Even though we took Judah 15 minutes before closing, they were so helpful and gracious.

22. Judah has an outer ear infection, not an inner ear.

23. I am so thankful for Medical Insurance.

24. Judah did so well for the doctor. He did everything that she asked him to do. He even took the ORANGE medicine and made a point to tell everyone that it is orange and he is a boy.

25. Cute hats make rainy, humid days easier on the hair.

26. I get to wear my new Off the Rails summer series shirt tomorrow.

27. I have received NO CALL-INS for kids church tomorrow.

28. Judah made Gary and I laugh for a long time today. While standing in the check out line at Target, Judah asked for some cookies. We told him, “No, you need to eat dinner first.” Then, Judah starts laughing loudly and says, “Daddy and Mommy that’s funny…look look, that guy over there (pointing to our cashier) has cookies in his ears. Look that guy has cookies in his ears. That is funny!”

Gary and I looked at the cashier and immediately started laughing. He had large, very large, round and brown wood pieces in his ear. The purpose was to stretch out his ear lobes (a fad I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND). Our intent was to not make fun and I still don’t know if he heard Judah although the lady in front of us did and she laughed too. Nevertheless, if you are going to do that to your ears, you should not be surprised when a 3 year old mistakes your earring fashion for a cookie.


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