Selah~Day Forty Three

I love the way Judah’s face lights up when he says, “Daddy.” Tonight, I am thankful for my dad and my love who is a wonderful dad to our son.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary loves Judah with both words and actions.

2. Gary is Judah’s hero.

3. Gary spends so much time investing in to Judah’s life.

4. Every night Gary prays the sweetest of prayers over Judah. He prays for his future wife, his purity of mind, his protection, his love for the Lord, and the list goes on.

5. Gary works so hard for our family.

6. Gary works hard for others too.

7. Gary is unselfish. He always puts others before himself. Always.

8. Gary tells Judah and me all the time that he loves us.

9. Gary is calm, patient, caring, calm, loving, God-Fearing, calm…did I mention calm? Ha Ha…this is important for me.

10. Gary makes Judah and me laugh.

11. Gary loves the Lord with all of his heart. His relationship with the Lord is priceless.

12. Gary is a man of integrity and trust.

13. Gary makes Judah and me feel safe.

14. My dad is a hard working man.

15. My dad is disciplined. He is in the best shape of his life and does Crossfit in his 50s.

16. My dad is a great boss and leader.

17. My dad loves to cheer on his kids and his grandkids.

18. My dad is passionate…especially about sports and OU football.

19. My dad taught me the importance of excellence, hard work ethic, and a do not give up spirit.

20. My dad loves the Lord.

21. My dad loves me.

22. Even with a high fever, Judah is still funny and makes me laugh.

23. Children’s Ibuprofen.

24. Immediate Care clinic.

25. My precious in-laws skipped the Father’s Day church service and stayed home with Judah. Gary couldn’t take off work from the fire station and it is so tough for me to miss a Sunday. I am so appreciative of them. They take great care of my son and love him so much.

26. Hallmark Movies.

27. KidMotion and Big church went well today.

28. Our new Summer series shirts looked so awesome. I loved the bright orange color. The team seemd to love them too.




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