Selah~Day Forty Five


My 28 Thanks:

1. I will have a special place to go in my new house to write my blog and have quiet time.

2. The countdown to our home closing date has started. 10 days to go!

3. Eric Cheatham Construction company is the best. Thankful to work with Eric and Austin once again.

4. We have met two of our neighbors and they seem like great, sweet people.

5. I loved the song list this morning in staff chapel.

6. We had great discussion this morning about the scorecard of a team.

7. People who are usually quiet on the team really spoke up today and shared their thoughts.

8. I love when quiet people speak. It takes some of the pressure off the loud people who always feel obligated to speak…ha ha ha!

9. Teri Darrah asked my opinion again today about an orchestra song. I love that she likes to ask me my thoughts especially since she knows how “uneducated” I am when it comes to music. However, she thinks I am trendy, I guess, and know what people like. Ha Ha.

10. Teri and I talked about Abby today. Teri is so proud of her daughter. I love to hear parents brag about their kids.

11. Abby is a great young lady who will do great things this summer in the Dominican Republic.

12. Sonic ice.

13. Judah didn’t have any fever today.

14. Gary and I got a fantastic deal on our blinds. We couldn’t believe the final price and we got to get exactly what we wanted.

15. Gary, Judah, and I played in a big pile of dirt tonight. We pretended that it was surrounded by hot lava and I had to be rescued. Judah loved it. I loved it until I saw a GIANT worm in the dirt. Seriously, it was the BIGGEST WORM I have ever seen. I had to leave the dirt at that moment.

16. The older I get, the more of a “girl” I become. I love being a girl.

17. Fun Family Pillow Fight.

18. Starla helped me put together a huge packet project today. She saved me lots of time and I am so thankful for her help. And, she brought me lunch. So sweet of her.

19. The copier didn’t run out of paper or break down…I used it a lot today.

20. Worked with Camp Wow staff today and finalized our 2013 kids camp schedule.

21. I am so excited to go back to Camp Wow. Our kids love it.

22. I love the staff at Camp Wow. They are so flexible, kind, and easy going.

23. Gary put gas in my car. It is the little things…

24. Judah thought it was hilarious to chase me around the yard with the water hose. He totally soaked me when I wasn’t looking. Glad that I could bring a big belly laugh to his life. Gary enjoyed it too.

25. We saw the cutest family of baby ducks tonight. Life is so precious at every stage. We should treasure everyday.

26. The more time I spend outside listening to birds, looking at plants, and walking in the woods, the more I realize how creative, how awesome, and how detailed God is. I serve a phenomenal God.

27. My Uncle Danny was released from the hospital today!

28. Received a new book today by Jon Acuff entitled, Start. Excited to START reading Start.



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