Selah~Day Forty Six

The day began early and it is ending late. But, my heart will always find time to Bless the Lord.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I got to begin my day with some Joyce Meyer teaching.

2. Out of all the rules, regulations, and requirements, LOVE prevails. If you will just love, the greatest commandment, everything else will just work out.

3. God is love. He can’t be anything else.

4. I am valuable to God. He loves me.

5. Gary always carries my heavy computer bag for me when he is with me. It really saves my back.

6. Gary brought me lunch today and helped me setup for tonight’s service. I love my man with muscles.

7. Gary found another firefighter who agreed to work for him on July 4th. Because of this, Gary can come to kids camp with me.

8. Found my nurse for kids camp.

9. I don’t have to drive down 4th and 19th street in order to get home. Don’t think I would like seeing the devastation on a daily basis.

10. More kids signed up for Kids Camp today.

11. Melissa Eddens told me that she reads my blog every night before bed. Thankful for her support and encouragement. She and her husband, Brad, love serving our Youth Ministry. They do a great job.

12. Little Miss Naomi always greets me on Wednesday night with a big hug and a special piece of art. Tonight, she worked extra hard and made the envelope special too.

13. I was greeted with so many hugs tonight from my sweet kiddos.

14. Lori and I were able to discuss some future kidmin plans today. Really glad she is my sidekick in ministry. She is one preschool talented lady. I wonder if she will ever grow old.

15. Had fun picking out my landscaping tonight.

16. Cody was a great help at the landscaping place.

17. Two of my Wednesday Night team leaders text me after service tonight and thanked me for allowing them to be a part of the team. Wow! They love serving our kids. I am so thankful for their hearts.

18. People find joy in serving others.

19. The stage team did an amazing job tonight.

20. Judah had a blast in his class and was so excited to give me his craft. I love that he loves church.

21. Our preschool department is one of the best around!

22. Kids ministry was so peaceful and smooth tonight.

23. We were able to clean out a lot of stuff tonight. It is a season of purging.

24. Heard a story tonight about some kids who were rescued from a terrible situation. Thinking about those kids tonight.

25. We have implemented a lot of change in our Wednesday Night Kidz Ministry and the leaders are doing so well and being so flexible.

26. I saw so many leaders taking their small groups to another level of greatness tonight. I love seeing people think outside the box.

27. Gary was really confident in leading the praise set tonight. Really proud of him and how he is growing in confidence on the stage.

28. Tomorrow night I am going to talk more about insecurities. Read something today about Miriam in the Bible. She was insecure at one point in her life because Moses was getting all the attention. God gave her a 7 day trial of leprosy. Hmmm…thankful that God doesn’t strike people with leprosy anymore. Ha Ha…


One thought on “Selah~Day Forty Six

  1. Pastor Kara thank you for writing this blog it keeps reminding me how truly awesome God is and how much he loves each individual person. Keep writing

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