Selah~Day Forty Seven

I had planned to talk about some thoughts on insecurities in this blog. But, I started reading a book tonight and the thoughts of my mind have taken another path. I have been carrying this book around in my bag for the past month. The title of the book both intrigued me and frightened me. It intrigued me because the carefully selected title evoked an immediate emotional repsonse when reading the simple short phrase. It frightened me because I knew its contents would force me to act upon something that I have tried to ignore. Thinking a lot about the pages I read tonight. It was written a few years ago, but I know it was written specifically for me. I am excited to share its contents with my husband tomorrow morning. I am sure in the coming days, I will talk more about its impact on my life. For now, I will keep everyone wondering…

My 28 Thanks:

1. I opened up the pages of a book tonight.

2. The first 100 pages were like my own personal diary entries.

3. The friend who gave me the book from his book shelf. I hope I don’t have to return it…Ha Ha Ha!

4. The writer who shared his own very personal experiences.

5. Transparency.

6. Freedom to not have to be perfect. There is only One who is perfect and I am not the One.

7. My eye is no longer swollen.

8. I accomplished much today.

9. Judah had fun with his cousins today.

10. Gary returned safely to the station tonight after an all day dive.

11. The team had a great creative meeting today.

12. Excited about Pastor Ted’s new series, Divin’ In.

13. Pastor Ted encouraged me today.

14. I am surrounded by a team of people who always help me find solutions to problems.

15. I was able to encourage someone today.

16. I got a sweet shout out from one of my new teammates, Jessica Fellers. She has the cutest of families and is so sweet. I am really glad she is teaching our preschoolers.

17. Super excited for my sweet Rowin family. They are going to take an awesome 2 week vacation this year to the East Coast. They deserve some RandR.

18. Fun designs.

19. Bright colors.

20. 8 days until I close on my house.

21. I picked my first bunch of garden green beans tonight. I love fresh veggies.

22. Sonny, the owner of Little Kings Pizza, goes to our church. He is such a great guy and has a great small business. Tonight, he blessed our family with an extra crazy bread.

23. Judah gave me two big kisses on the lips today.

24. Judah asked me not to leave today when I headed out to work. He said, “Mommy, please stay here with me today.”

25. Back roads and shortcuts that keep you out of busy traffic.

26. Police officers. I saw several today protecting our streets. Glad I didn’t see any flashing lights.

27. The way Judah says Oatmeal is so cute.

28. I miss my husband every single day and night that he is away at the fire station. After nine years of this schedule, I still miss him with all my heart and would prefer that he was close to me.



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