Selah~Day Forty Eight

I have so much on my mind. But, it is going to have to stay there a little longer. The days have been so full and so busy. Unfortunately, I run out of time to write in abundance. Regardless of the day, My Lord deserves to be praised.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary and I both enjoyed early morning quiet time while Judah slept in a little longer.

2. Experienced new revelation from a scripture/Bible story that I have read many many times.

3. I started making a list today of the top 6 things that fuel me and the top 6 things that drain me.

4. New Revelation from the Word fuels me.

5. I had time to read many pages from two separate books today.

6. David Barton is coming to Crossroads Church tomorrow. Everyone is excited. But, Zip and Flip are coming to Crossroads Kidz Ministry tomorrow-we are excited too.

7. Tomorrow we are teaching about putting others first. Such an important principle-even good for us big kids to understand and apply in our lives.

8. My Father-in-law absolutely loved his father’s day gift. He got to fly around the City today in a B-17. There are only 13 restored. So excited that he got to have this experience.

9. Kaden got to come and hang out with us again this weekend.

10. Judah and I had a fun swim in the kiddie pool today:)

11. Gary worked hard mowing the lawn so his parents wouldn’t have to do it when they came home.

12. Gary is always thinking about others before himself.

13. Today was extremely restful for me. I cherish these days. I even took a 30 minute nap.

14. Gary and I attended a beautiful wedding tonight in Guthrie, Ok.

15. We held hands and talked the entire drive.

16. We got to visit with some friends we haven’t seen in a really long time.

17. I got to hear precious wedding vows spoken.

18. Weddings make Gary and I relive our most precious day.

19. Guthrie is a beautiful Historic town. Really glad we got to visit it.

20. The wedding was beautiful and I am sure it was perfect for both the bride and groom.

21. Gary and I had a deep, uniterrupted conversation tonight.

22. Old, Colonial style homes with big wrap around porches.

23. Brick streets have so much History and character.

24. Personal growth.

25. Learning the difference between a CONCERN and a RESPONSIBILITY.

26. Stories. Everyone has one.

27. Committment.

28. Chit Chat…just simple conversation.



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