Selah~Day Fifty

I can’t believe today marks the 50 day journey of blessing the Lord. On this road to 10,000 reasons, I am learning more about myself and my Lord than I ever imagined.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, dad. I celebrate you. So thankful that God created you and chose you to be my dad.

2. Today is my high school friend and college roommate, Sharbee’s birthday. She had such a big impact in my life. Her drive, dedication, passion for life and others had great influence on my life. She also taught me how to write. She is a grammar genius and spent hours helping me understand grammar and different writing techniques. I spent thousands of dollars on my college degree and Sharbee taught me more about writing than any other Professor. I miss my sweet Sharbee.

3. Don’t judge Sharbee for any typos…judge my late night writing in the dark! Ha Ha…just a touch of humor.

4. Jc Penney’s has a new line of clothing called JCP. I am in love. The pants are amazing and affordable and stretchy.

5. My outfit today was extrememly colorful. It made the sun look dim.

6. I love color!

7. I am ahead of the game in service planning.

8. Two more puppet recordings done and done well!

9. Aaron Rowin is the man of the day! After a miscommunication, (my fault) he dropped everything and drove from Norman to the church to make our puppet recording happen. That is dedication and love for kids ministry!

10. Gary and I had to pick out a tree today for our front yard. We found a tree with a scar on it. We thought the scar gave it character. The owners thought it made it cheap. We loved that. We got a BIG tree for a very very very cheap price.

11. Scars have a story and a testimony.

12. God is working behind the scenes.

13. The Holy Spirit is my advocate. He is my helper. He goes before me.

14. Discernment.

15. Spent some time outside in the beautiful evening.

16. Cool Breezes.

17. Gary prays over me.

18. Judah and I had a nice chat with our neighbor who lost his young wife from cancer about a year ago. Judah talks like such a big boy now. He likes to talk to Mr. Mulkey about his dirt pile.

19. Rony taught me something on planning center today that is going to save me  A LOT of time in the future.

20. Smart people who understand how to make things work smart for you.

21. Pastor Marcia’s wisdom, example, and discernment.

22. Accountability.

23. Judah is almost done with his antibiotic.

24. Truth in Love. I love when people tell me the truth in love in order to help me make good, wise choices.

25. Sturdy boxes.

26. Camp Wow is completely planned out.

27. I picked a big batch of fresh green beans from my pallet garden today.

28. I have found 1,400 reasons to bless the Lord so far and it is just beginning.


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