Selah~Day Fifty Two

As I write this blog, I pray that the words written will speak to your heart the way that they have spoken to mine.

Matthew 6:22-23 says that “the eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But, if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”

Please note that the last part of that sentence doesn’t end in a question mark asking you to gauge the level of darkness (if your light is dark) on the inside of you, but rather it ends in an exclamation mark, declaring that the darkness is truly great.

You see, we don’t actually see with our eyes. We see with our brains and our eyes are the lenses through which we see. In our minds, we define the image as good or bad, a source of peace or fear, and we accept it or reject it. Mixed with both our faith, past experiences, and our choice, we determine if it is good for us or bad for us.

When I was in high school, my parents decided to take the first of many family ski trips. My brothers and sister and I were so excited. We didn’t have a clue how to ski, but it couldn’t be that hard, right? On day one, I looked at the mountain from the base and thought, “This won’t be so bad after all. All you have to do is move your skis to the left and then to the right.” After a few falls on the ski lift, I headed up the mountain to the top of what is known as the bunny slope. Once at the top of the mountain, my perspective changed! The mountain looked a lot more intimidating from that angle. Let it be known that I fell ALL THE WAY down the mountain. Let is also be known that my brother, Kyle, was a natural skier and picked up the sport immediately. And, he laughed at me all the way down the mountain, which only fueled my frustration more. My mom, who skied by our sides, kept encouraging us to get back up and keep trying. She kept giving us pointers and none of them were working.

When we got back to the base, both tired and sore, my mom told us we were going back up to try again. Then, she said something very important, “Kara, quit looking at the whole mountain. Change what you are looking at. Cut up the mountain, piece by piece and then it won’t be so overwhelming.” DING DING DING…the light bulb came on. The size and the slope of the mountain were intimidating me, but when I changed how I looked at the mountain, it lost its ability to bully me.

Did the mountain change? No. I changed my eyes!”

The second and third attempts became easier and easier and by the end of day one, I was a fairly good, safe, cautious, slow skier. I would like you all to know that even though I prefer the beach, I am a good skier. I have even conquered black mountains!

I once read that the way we view our problem is often our problem. What a powerful statement! The way we perceive something will emotionally and even physically affect us. This can become a problem if it messes with the way we perceive God or a situation in which our perspective is misleading us.

I have worked on changing my perspective about a few things this week. I have actually said out loud to myself, “Kara, your perspective is starting to have adverse reaction on you both emotionally and physically. So, change it.” Often times, where we are standing affects our perspective. The base of the mountain looks different than the view from the top. Where you stand, or who you hang around, or who you hear, will always affect what you see. Wow! That’s good stuff. I am preaching to myself right now.

Going to keep working on my persepctive…

My 28 Thanks:

1. God is good.

2. I started the day with a nice conversation with God and a good stretch.

3. I can change my perspective.

4. If my eye is clear, my whole body can be clear.

5. Judah gave me a really big kiss this morning.

6. Judah loves to sing “You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine” with me.

7. I love the way he says, “Dear.”

8. Judah and I used a lent roller as a microphone and sang a duet together tonight.

9. Judah thinks that I have a GREAT VOICE! Ha Ha…

10. Creative meeting was at an off campus location today. Loved it!

11. We planned an awesome 10,000 reasons worship service for Sunday night, July 14.

12. I love working with the creative team. So thankful they let a kids pastor come to their meetings!

13. Collaboration and brainstorming.

14. Shared funny marriage stories with my friend, Danielle, today.

15. Girl Talk.

16. The landscape for my house is perfect.

17. The Sprout channel is awesome. I love watching pajanimals with Judah. You can tell they have done extensive research on how to communicate with preschoolers. It helps me too.

18. My leaders for kids camp are so excited about camp this year. They are more excited then the kids.

19. My SIL, Laura,  made an awesome dinner tonight. The sweet potato casserole was amazing.

20. She shared with Judah and me.

21. I love open communication and opportunities to talk out confusion.

22. Eric Cheatham construction company. Eric and Austin are incredible to work with. They are men of integrity and make building fun!

23. We close on our house tomorrow.

24. Staff lunch was super yummy today.

25. Even when I have a rough day and feel like I wasn’t at my best, God still loves me. He smiles at me because I am His girl.

26. My mom told me tonight that she is proud of me.

27. My in-laws selflessly opened their home to us for the past 9 months. They have been incredible. They are so caring, giving, supporting, encouraging, and fun! Even though I am so excited to move into my home tomorrow, I am going to cherish the memories made while living with them and probably miss it too.

28. All the lessons my momma taught me. I love my momma!

29. I am married to Gary Hendrickson.


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