Selah~Day Fifty Three

My 28 Thanks:

1. Strength.

2. The ability to continue on even when your body is tired.

3. Muscles.

4. My mom’s help today.

5. My sister’s help today.

6. There are 15 less boxes in my garage.

7. My bed. I have missed it!

8. My pillow.

9. Comfortable clothes.

10. My kitchen is unpacked.

11. My closet is unpacked.

12. I found $20 in a box that I was unpacking.

13. My new neighbors are so talkative. Looking forward to getting to know them.

14. They left a giant sand pile in our backyard.

15. Judah loves playing in the sand pile.

16. A nearby grocery store.

17. A young man offered to help me load my groceries at the grocery store today.

18. Meg and the boys stopped by today. I love seeing family.

19. Bob, Kyle, Eric, and Pa-Pa were great helps moving.

20. Danielle and Rony stopped by to say hi. They are always a cheerful hello.

21. My friend, Lorry Gail, had great help moving today.

22. I can still feel my legs.

23. Judah got to spend lots of time with my mom and sister today.

24. They all had a big game of hide and seek. I loved hearing the laughter.

25. Life is never boring.

26. Air Conditioner.

27. Good smells.

28. The Lord is good and He is forever Faithful.



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