Selah~Day Fifty Four

My 28 Thanks:

1. My freedom as an American.

2. Patriotic Music.

3. Thousands came to Crossroads Freedom Celebration tonight. It was a huge success.

4. Best Fireworks show ever.

5. People had a wonderful time.

6. People gathered around on blankets and in lounge chairs enjoying one another.

7. The Weather was AMAZING.

8. I even got goose bumps on June 30.

9. Danielle taught me the medical term for goose bumps. Not going to share it here because it makes me blush. But, I am sure you are going to research it now!

10. The auxiliary ministries raised awesome support tonight.

11. Judah had a blast on the inflatables.

12. Kids church was awesome this morning.

13. The energy during the praise set was OFF THE RAILS!

14. Sundays are usually “intense” but today had a sweet peace to it.

15. My nephew, Kolt, spent the afternoon with Judah and I. He is a sweet boy.

16. I met some very sweet, new people tonight.

17. God does great things through His church.

18. The church can really help the community.

19. We were able to empty out our last storage unit today.

20. My father-in-law and my brother were amazing help.

21. A little girl tonight told me that she had three favorite things about the Freedom Celebration: 1.) Inflatables 2.) Snow Cones 3.) Seeing Me! How sweet.

22. Clean Sheets.

23. Judah had a chance tonight to learn how to stay in a line and wait for your turn.

24. Our clown did an amazing job!

25. My mom and sister made it back home safe.

26. I had a nice visit with my friend, Janelle, tonight. I am so glad to see her sweet face again. She has such a spirit of triumph.

27. I held Gary’s hand tonight during the fireworks show. So thankful that he is my husband.

28. I held Judah in my arms and watched fireworks tonight. He loved every orange firework because he is a boy.


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