Selah~Day Fifty Five

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 69:30, “I will Praise God’s name in song and GLORIFY HIM with THANKSGIVING.” This scripture was written on a napkin I used to eat my toast from this morning. Wow…what a great Word from the Lord. We Glorify Him when we are thankful.

My 28 Thanks:

1. This blog is a part of my endeavor to glorify the Lord with Thanksgiving.

2. I can use my words to speak life.

3. Camp 2013, Off the Rails, starts in less than 24 hours.

4. The kids will have a blast.

5. Camp Wow staff is amazing to work with.

6. Our guest speaker is super pumped and will do a great job with our kids.

7. We got amazing dorm room assignments at Camp Wow.

8. Jamie is going to be our camp nurse.

9. I am packed.

10. Judah is packed.

11. We had fun tonight running through our new lawn sprinkling system. Judah thought is was so funny. We were soaked and then got really cold.

12. The weather will be perfect for camp.

13. Gary got a lot accomplished on the house tonight.

14. Zach saved me a lot of time at work today. He made a big project happen without much help from me.

15. Two great meetings took place with my Executive team.

16. Open minds and prayerful hearts.

17. Pastor Tami brought us amazing homemade banana muffins as a “Welcome to your Home” gift. They were amazing!

18. My mother-in-law let me borrow her swimsuit for camp. She is one of the most giving and self-less individuals I know.

19. My mother-in-law is getting to spend the week with her baby girl, Kelli, also known as the world traveler of the family. #militarywife.

20. Our closet is almost completely unpacked.

21. Gary got Judah’s tree house bed put together today. Judah played all day in and out of his tree house bed.

22. Danielle shared a children’s book with me today. She wrote it and it was fantastic. Beautifully written, super fun read, creative characters, fun illustration, and the storyline was superb. She should publish it!

23. Second Chances.

24. Technology.

25. Asher Hoover is so excited to spend time with my sweet Judah. I know he will take great care of him.

26. My 16 year old “permanent” retainer broke tonight. Thankfully, my tooth did not come off with it.

27. My perspective is changing.

28. My vacation is on the horizon.


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