Selah~Day Sixty Four

“My goal in life isn’t to GET Rich, but rather BE RICH.” What a great quote. I want to be rich in every area of my life…my family life, my friendship life, my faith life, my marriage life, and my ministry life. I want to live a life of intentionality. I want to live a life that is intentional to be rich in every area.

(My below thoughts come from notes I made while reading a new book)                                                                                                                                         When we were younger, our lives existed in somewhat of an automatic mode. We automatically made friends, we just need another recess to make a few more. We could eat whatever we wanted and still remain relatively slim and fit (most of us anyway). We woke up, got dressed, and went to school. Things just seemed to happen. But, then a change takes place. At some point in our lives, some earlier than others, a shift occurs from automatic to manual. We become responsible (intentional) to shift the gears and make things happen. Eventually, we must be intentional about maintaining and growing our marriages, our friendships, our waistlines, our family, our faith, and our emotional health.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I am rich.

2. I am full.

3. I am blessed.

4. I desire an intentional life.

5. I have a wonderful, loving family.

6. Our family has little conflict.

7. My marriage is rich and healthy.

8. My waistline isn’t were I want it to be, but it is better than it has been!

9. My faith is growing.

10. My emotional health is better.

11. I am working on being a better friend.

12. There are certain people and things and priorities I will NOT give up on. Not now, not ever.

13. I am determined.

14. Another morning of sand pile fun with Judah.

15. We worked all morning in our yard.

16. Yard work is super relaxing to me.

17. My plants and trees are adjusting well to their new soil.

18. Judah took a long nap and Gary and I were able to get more stuff done around the house.

19. We stayed home most of the day.

20. We had dinner at the in-laws.

21. My sister in law is recovering well and looks good.

22. My nephew, Kaden, is so sweet. Judah had a blast playing with him.

23. Abby, my little niece, wanted to snuggle with me on the porch swing.

24. I didn’t have any plans today. Things just happened and for the first time in my life or in a long time, I allowed it. (Talk about being intentional…ha ha ha).

25. Safety and Security.

26. My friend, Holly, always thinks of me when she is out shopping for steals and deals. She found a beautiful decorative piece for only $10.

27. Sweet text exchanges between me and my mom.

28. Gary was supposed to work at the fire station yesterday. But, his officer called and said, “My plans got cancelled, Gary. Do you want my day off?” Absolutely blessed. So thankful for the crew of awesome men that my husband works with and the day off!



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