Selah~Day Sixty Five

We are almost completely unpacked in our new home. Just a few boxes remain and do you know what those boxes consist of…that’s right, JUNK! Junk is the hardest to unpack. Why? Junk doesn’t belong in any specific space and for some reason we think we need to keep it around for that “what if” time when we might, just maybe, you never know, use it moment. So we spend hours, even days, thinking about the perfect location to store this “I may need this item in the winter…junk.”

In all reality, it needs to meet my good pal, Mr. Dumpster. This topic could preach. But, I am going to let you and me stew on this a little while and we can all work on introducing our junk to the dump…(that is almost a slant rhyme for all you English peeps out there. Okay, maybe not. But, the way I read it, sounds like it).

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary and I enjoyed some quiet time together this morning before Judah got up.

2. Gary made pancakes this morning for breakfast. Judah and Gary love pancakes. I love how they can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound! Ha Ha…

3. I ate my healthy Ezekiel toast. I am not big on wasting my calories on something like a pancake. Besides, I like a healthy kickstart for my morning.

4. My kidmin team did a fantastic job without us this morning. I knew they would.

5. Angela sent me a text that read, “We survived.” At least no one was left duct taped to their chair. Proud of Angela…she was stretched on stage today, but accepted the role and did well.

5. I spent the entire day at my home. I did not go anywhere. The furthest I traveled was the edge of my driveway.

6. I did not put makeup on today. Just natural me.

7. Spent the entire morning painting on the back porch. In my new home, I have an entirely new color scheme. So, instead of buying new stuff, I am just painting old stuff.

8. The rain was so relaxing.

9. I have a big back porch.

10. I was patient and took my time while painting this morning. Waiting for paint to dry is not one of my strong suites…you can apply this to many things about me. Ask Gary…

11. Judah loved helping me paint. He had the cutest turquoise mustache at one point.

12. Matthew Chapter 5.

13. Reading the Bible tells us more about our God.

14. I can read the Bible in public and in private…I am free to do so.

15. Judah helped me make macaroni and cheese for lunch. He has so much fun just being together.

16. Halmark Channel.

17. Christmas movies in July. I love love love a good love story.

18. Judah and I laid in bed together today and watched one of my childhood favorite animated movies, Robin Hood.

19. Snuggle time with my sweet little boy. He let me kiss his face too…a bunch.

20. Gary serves me any chance he gets. He is so sweet to me.

21. Every hour of today was an opportunity to rest.

22. I made an awesome green enchilada casserole, my husband’s favorite, for dinner tonight.

23. We were able to share with my sis-in-law and family.

24. I am reaping the harvest of preparing great soil for my potted plants. They are looking fabulous.

25. Judah asked me to tell him a story tonight. It was my best camp fire and butterfly catching story yet.

26. Through praise, you can change your perspective.

27. Tonight, Crossroads Church joined together in the first 10,000 reasons night of worship. Collectively, they came up with 10,000 reasons to Bless the Lord in one church service setting. I watched online and was moved to tears many times to see my Lord blessed with praises from His people. He delights in the praises of His people.

28. Selah…


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