Selah~Day Sixty Six

My 28 Thanks:

1. My grass is so green.

2. We have amazing July rainfall totals. I don’t remember ever getting this much rain in July.

3. We took Judah to his first movie today…He loved Despicable Me 2.

4. Gary and I laughed more than Judah during the movie.

5. My husband is a big kid at heart. He loves animation movies and I love what he loves…mostly:)

6. Judah loved eating a whole candy bar at the movies.

7. We saw old friends and their kids at the movies today.

8. We had Pei Wei for lunch. Judah loves their chicken and so do I!

9. We went shopping at TJ Maxx. We didn’t buy much, but had fun looking at all the gadgets.

10. Gary is a gadget guy. Any store that has gadgets provides me an opportunity to hold him accountable for purchases.

11. Judah has great influence on what I buy. Today, I purchased orange wash cloths, orange drawer organizers, and orange soap. Judah loves orange.

12. We all held hands while walking down the sidewalk today.

13. Gary made his amazing chicken pot pie for dinner.

14. We ate dinner outside.

15. My friend, Danielle, misses me. I miss her too. She makes people feel special and really gets to know people for who they are.

16. Received some sweet text from friends this week. Friends are so important in ones life!

17. Fresh cantaloupe.

18. I saw lots of dads at the movies with their kids. I love seeing dads spend special times with their kids.

19. Dads.

20. We had a family dance party tonight. Judah picked the music and we had a blast dancing to the music.

21. Enjoyed a much needed conversation with Bethany. I miss her so much.

22. Imagination play with my sweet Judah.

23. Popcorn and movie night with Gary.

24. Gary made the popcorn. His is the best.

25. God always has a plan to make all things new again.

26. Together is a wonderful place to be.

27. I am in a great place.

28. Saturation…physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental saturation in His rain.




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