Selah~Day Seventy

My 28 Thanks:

1. While Judah was giving me kisses, I asked him a question. “Judah, why are you giving me so many kisses?” He replied, “because Mommy, I know that I love you!” He makes my heart smile.

2. We had a great quick trip to Tulsa.

3. Safe Travels.

4. Valerie’s wedding was beautiful and so sweet.

5. Covenant marriage.

6. Vows.

7. Valerie’s husband loves Jesus too. He seems really sweet.

8. We saw some friends at the wedding that we haven’t seen in a long time.

9. Judah was so good at the wedding. He loved the fans that Valerie and Justin set at each table. We left with 5 fans. None of them are working now.

10. Gary and I held hands on our drive.

11. I read my book, Start, outloud so Gary could hear it too. He really enjoyed the read.

12. Pg. 117 of Start.

13. Pg. 124 of Start.

14. Our reading material started big conversation. I love sharing my heart with my husband and hearing his heart as well.

15. My husband is so sweet and caring. God spent a little more time on him.

16. The sound of my husband and Judah playing in the play room.

17. Judah loves to play wrestle. Glad that he prefers Gary as the counterpart. For a three year old, he packs a strong head lock.

18. My mom made it home safely.

19. In the Gospels, Jesus tells about watching a woman who had very little give it all in the offering.

20. People who give their all.

21. I got several compliments on my hair today.

22. Judah sang “My Best Friend, Jesus” to us in the car ride home.

23. Clean bathrooms at gas stations.

24. My vacation ends tonight. What a great week of rest.

25. I live close to an amazing grocery store. Milk runs are super fast and easy.

26. Humor.

27. Spontaneous laughter.

28. Making plans that think outside the box.


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