Selah~Day Seventy One

Today was a great day.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I took a walk this morning before getting ready for church. I was able to clear my mind and focus my thoughts for the day.

2. Early mornings are lovely, peaceful, and a breath of fresh air.

3. There is something really special about mornings. Everything smiles when it wakes from rest!

4. I felt relaxed today.

5. I was relaxed on stage today and it was noticeable. Several people commented. (I must be uptight most of the time! Ha Ha Ha!)

6. I enjoyed conversations with several kids today. They make me smile.

7. Two kids made me cards thanking me for being their pastor during the summer time. They had to go back the their real home in the Carolinas and were so sad to leave Kidz Ministry at Crossroads. Their cards touched my heart BIG TIME.

8. Pastor Marcia and Dorothy are having a great, restful vacation.

9. I get to worship Jesus with kids on a weekly basis.

10. Judah had a blast in Training Wheels this morning. He LOVES his orange flashlight. He is still holding it tonight.

11. Great lunch today with Great Friends.

12. I had the opportunity to encourage some people today.

13. The kids loved the small group activity. Yes, it involved candy, but they loved the game too.

14. Teaching kids always teaches me something about myself.

15. I had the priveledge of baptizing two precious kids tonight. I am proud of Bryson and Camden.

16. I got to be the first one in the baptism pool. (This is important people! Especially during times when there are 20+ people being baptized.)

17. I succumbed to the peer pressure and made a grand entrance into the baptism pool. Yes, I cannon ball jumped. I hit the bottom of that 4 ft. pool quickly!

18. I had lots of fun today visiting with different people.

19. My friend Holly and her kiddos are safe after having a wreck today.

20. I got to stop by a women’s Bible study for 10 minutes and see some really awesome ladies. I don’t always get to enjoy adult, female conversations. So, when I have them, I love them.

21. Gary is my number 1 helpmate in ministry. He has such a servant’s heart.

22. We reviewed the last 7 weeks of our summer series, Off the Rails, today. I was AMAZED at the memory of our kids. They were remembering details of our services and I couldn’t believe it. They have loved this series.

23. It was a great night for an outdoor service.

24. Free Ice Cream.

25. Tons of people commented on my haircut today. They all loved it. I had no idea cutting bangs would cause such a drastic change to my hair.

26. I received several spontaneous words of encouragement today from random people that I barely know.

27. God works in mysterious ways.

28. I took a detailed personality test about two weeks ago. Today, I spent some time studying the results more. I am an SI in the DISC test. So, the word that describes me in their formula is Advisor/Counselor. That’s who I am. So So thankful for this test. Before I took it, I had no idea who I was..(just being funny…I actually love tests like this)…God creates us all fearfully and wonderfully made!


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