Selah~Day Seventy Two

I was working my evening, summer shift at the Fronteir General Store at Broken Bow Lake that August night when I heard the news that Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. Immediately, I was struck with an overwhelming sadness at the loss of a Princess, the loss of a young mom, the loss of a humanitarian, the loss of a sister, a friend, and a public figure of compassion, hope, and love.

Personally, I was a big fan of the Princess. To me, she had a smile that could warm the coldest of hearts. I didn’t follow the royal family or read the tabloids. But, I always had a special liking for them. And, I felt sorry for the constant eye that lurked upon their every move. I remember thinking as a teenager how tough it must be for Prince William and Prince Harry to constantly be in the spotlight, their every move recorded or photographed or commented on.

So, the day after Princess Diana died, I wrote Prince William a letter. It was a short letter that expressed my sympathies. I never mailed the letter, of course. But, I did keep it for a while. I actually found it a couple of years ago when packing up some of my stuff to make a big move.

Now Today, I was so excited to hear that Prince William and Kate had a healthy baby boy. It may seem impossible, but their life just became even more adventurous. I won’t be writing any letters or sending any baby gifts. But, through this blog, I wish a big Congrats!


My 28 Thanks:

1. People who are powerful and use their power to do good.

2. Family.

3. Privacy.

4. I woke up early this morning and had time to snuggle with Judah before leaving for work. We have a special word to describe our hug.snuggle time…we call it HUGGLETIME!

5. Judah got to spend time playing with his cousins today.

6. Flexibility in my schedule.

7. I did so much before I left for vacation in order to be ahead of the game that I had VERY little to catch up on today.

8. I enjoy Mondays.

9. Brandon agreed with me today. Most of the time, I am always right:)

10. I had lunch with Danielle.

11. We had great lunch conversation.

12. I was able to give Danielle a book that I read 4 years ago. I love being able to share books with others.

13. My friend, Janelle, sent me a really sweet, hand written card. I still get so excited when I recieve hand written cards.

14. Words people use to encourage others.

15. Gary got to eat at IHOP for breakfast this morning. He loves IHOP and pancakes.

16. My friend Debby always pursues friendship. She never fails to encourage, contact, and show love.

17. Wanted to do something different in my teaching approach for tomorrow’s staff chapel. I think we are going to have fun with my idea.

18. Once you read something, you are responsible for the application of the information. I love to apply information.

19. My talented sister offered to give Judah swimming lessons this weekend. My sister is a jack of all trades…beauty queen, dancer, swim coach, dog lover, country bumpkin…

20. My mother-in-law lets the kids destroy her home because they are building forts, playing in boxes, and getting out all kinds of games. Her home is a fun house.

21. She invited me to dinner tonight and it was yummy and healthy.

22. My talented decorator, Holly, liked what I did in my home.

23. Hung out with two of my favorite young people tonight. Kaden and Peyton kept me company.

24. My sweet nephew, Kaden, is keeping me and Judah company tonight. He is such a great kids.

25. Coconut Banana Popsicles.

26. People you can share your heart with and trust them with the contents.

27. My mom sent me the sweetest of text messages. She is my biggest fan.

28. Honest Conversation.



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