Selah~Day Seventy Three

I am in the middle of Jon Acuff’s book, Start. It is a great read. Acuff is a fun, intelligent, and easy to read writer. I don’t care who you are, you should at least check it out. I had the priveledge to teach Ch. 6 of the book today in Staff Chapel. The main premise of the book is Mastering your Awesome. There are many great tasks to accomplish while at the “mastering stop sign” on the path to awesome. But, the end of the chapter encourages us to not only hustle, but also rest. Acuff states, ” You don’t want to burn out your dream while trying to build your dream.” He also painted a really cool illustration and I want to share it tonight.

Everyone needs a Central Park in their life. New York City mostly consists of high rise buildings, apartments, crowded streets, taxis, reckless driving, big billboards, news media, and lots of people. But, in the middle of all the mayhem of New York City lies Central Park. Amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, a beautiful, serene, peaceful park exists. Your life should have the same balance. Yes, there can be hustle and bustle in your life, but everyone needs to have a Central Park to escape to and rest.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Today had a lot of fun elements in it.

2. I have fun at work.

3. Staff Chapel was fun and I was relaxed while teaching.

4. My team mates participated in my “kid like” game and had fun doing it.

5. We had great discussion over an even greater book, Start.

6. People who are usually quiet shared their voices today! I love hearing the opinions of others.

7. We had a very progressive, life-giving staff meeting. The conversation filled “my tank.”

8. Pastor Ted sent a “Good Job in Staff Chapel” tweet shout out to me.

9. Zach helped me setup my teaching props and was a really big help.

10. Gary brought me Qdoba for lunch.

11. Judah got donuts for breakfast. He loves those sugary round things!

12. I had great conversation with Starla today.

13. Starla is excited about the future.

14. Starla and Sam live close to the church now and this has been such a huge help to their schedule.

15. I learned a lot about the demographics of our church culture, as well as the greater OKC area. I love learning.

16. I got to sit next to Sam Walker in staff meeting. He will be a great addition to our team.

17. Dinner was easy and delicious tonight.

18. I heard some great quotes today that really impacted me life. Some shared were: “My mom said that only a fool experiences everything.” And, “The proof of desire is in the pursuit.”

19. Moms and Dads who invest important truths in the lives of their children.

20. Friendly competition.

21. Rest is my friend.

22. Balance in my life.

23. I have a dream.

24. That line always makes me think of Dr. Martin Luther King. I am thankful for him:)

25. My mind processes a lot of thoughts each day.

26. Some battles are not meant for us to fight. God sometimes wants us only to be still and allow Him to fight for us.

27. God always speak, we just need to learn to listen.

28. Judah just told me, “Mommy, I want you.” With that…I am signing off!


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