Selah~Day Seventy Five


My 28 Thanks:

1. My husband gave me a kiss right when he got home from the fire station this morning.

2. We got to chat for a little bit before Judah woke up and before I had to leave for work.

3. There were a few items on my “to-do” list that I kept pushing to the “I’ll tackle that tomorrow pile.” But, I got them all done today.

4. The completion of tasks brings me great joy. I love to complete things.

5. The staff enjoyed the pizza party today.

6. The ladies served the men because they won the staff chapel game. The ladies were great sports about it.

7. I work with several people who make so much fun in my life.

8. Creative meeting was creative today and I had a lot to say.

9. The Fall season of ministry at Crossroads is going to be AWESOME!

10. Gary had a great day visiting with his sister. 

11. I don’t have any family drama. I feel sorry for people who do.

12. Gary went grocery shopping today, so we didn’t have to spend our evening at the store. 

13. The evening weather was pleasant.

14. I had a great conversation with my childhood friend Kristi today. I love that we can pick up were we left off and not even miss a beat.

15. My friend, Danielle, has so much excitement for kids ministry that she recruited TWO new leaders for our kidmin team tonight.

16. Positive, exciting attitudes.

17. A friend told me some news today. She is walking out the purpose God has for her. I am excited for her.

18. Everyone has been given a dream, a purpose.

19. Even though we don’t live close, I talk to my mom everyday. It is always good to hear her voice.

20. Gary does everything with excellence. I love his attention to detail and his care for us.

21. I can grow spiritually. 

22. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. 

23. I am a learner.

24. I love to lead and I love to be led. 

25. Gary made dinner tonight and it was so good.

26. My honey shares all of the household chores, especially when he is home from the station.

27. Judah fell asleep in my arms tonight. 

28. I am so thankful for music. It inspires, it encourages, it comforts, it ministers, it excites, and it stirs the emotions! I heard some amazing music today. 


One thought on “Selah~Day Seventy Five

  1. You must tell me about this “music” you speak of that is “amazing!” I love to hear about amazing music!! 🙂

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