Selah~Day Eighty Eight

As Judah sat on my lap last night, I was overwhelemed with a grateful heart. I told Gary how quickly this 3.5 years has gone by since we had Judah. Then, Gary made a profound statement that made me think. He said, “There will never be another day just like today. So, we must enjoy every day because it is the only one we get.”

That is so true. The day changes every day. Judah changes every day. Gary  changes every day. I change every day.

I love writing this blog because it makes me be present in every moment of every day. I no longer “dream” the day away or even “dream” away moments. I am aware, completely aware of every interaction, every time of play, every conversation, every coincidence, and every encounter. I am fully alert, ready to document a reason to Bless the Lord.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My Selah blog.

2. Life is full of wonderful days.

3. There is no day like today.

4. I am present in every day.

5. My husband makes profound statements.

6. I am aware of every interaction.

7. Gym clean out is underway.

8. Creative Meeting is always life giving.

9. Gary is strong and helps me carry heavy things.

10. Pastor Marcia can really make you laugh.

11. Pastor Marcia is excited about her message on Sunday.

12. Danielle sent me a really sweet, “thinking about you text.”

13. I got to meet Paul Gage, a super smart man, who has coached a lot of great people in ministry.

14. I got more accomplished today than I thought I would.

15. I had to work late, but when I got home, Judah was ready to play with me!

16. Another spontaneous night of awesome hide and seek. Judah is getting so good at that game.

17. My friend, Jamie, is a blessing. She reads my blog and told me I was a great writer. Jamie has always been my cheerleader. She is a lot of people’s cheerleader. She loves people. She loves to serve people.

18. Skylar helped me cut out my small group props.

19. I got invited to a garage pre-sale in my neighborhood.

20. I purchased two seasons of NICE, Gap and Gymboree clothing for Judah at an excellent price.

21. I met more neighbors. We all have names that start with K…

22. Judah was especially excited about the pajamas. He put them on as soon as I brought them home.

23. All the clothes were freshly washed. I just have to hang them up!

24. Pastor Willie George’s tweets about generations were so good!

25. Bed time stories with Judah and Gary.

26. I drank at least 100 oz. of water today.

27. When everything else fails, the Word of God still stands. It is my source.

28. Every day is a new day! Be present in it!


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