Selah~Day Eighty Nine

Yesterday, I captured my thoughts about how I loved that this blog kept me accountable and present in every moment of every day. This morning, I start my 89th entry. On this journey to bless the Lord for 10,000 reasons in one year, I have had people along the way ask me, “How do you stay so consistent?” Or, “Is it tough to think of 28 things a day to say, ‘bless you Lord?'” And, “Do you sit at your computer screen and stare forever before you think of anything to write?”

Thankfully, the answer to those questions is a simple, “No.” When I first committed my 33rd year of life to this 10,000 reasons challenge, those previous questions were fleeting fears that raced across my mind. But, I didn’t let them stay there. Instead, I just started “writing” on this path towards my healing, my freedom, and my deliverer. You see, as soon as I lost the baby, I knew that I had two choices:

Choice #1: Win a free paid trip to the land of isolation and depression. An all-inclusive destination filled with hate, anger, bitterness, pity, unending grief and pain, and fear.


Choice #2: Win a free paid trip into the Arms of a loving Father who promises to be close to the broken hearted. An all-inclusive destination filled with love, hope, comfort, and peace.

I chose option 2…(in case you were wondering).

Currently, I am reading a book written by Robert Barriger entitled, Honour Found. He makes a very profound statment on page 41. “There is a saying, gratitude confims relationships.” Wow. Think about that for a moment. Our gratitude for someone confirms are relationship or draws us closer in that relationship with them.

The same is true with our relationship to our Heavenly Father. When we REMEMBER all God has done for us and are THANKFUL, we draw closer to Him.

So, the opposite of a heart that remembers would be a heart that forgets or is ungrateful. Then, a forgetful heart and an ungrateful heart is a DISTANT heart. Something else occupies the spaces of our heart. Something else steals our attention away from the very one who gave us the “gift.” Think about it…God blesses us in order to do good and to draw even closer to Him, our Source and our Provider. But, so many times, we take those blessing and allow them to  draw us away. I could list several examples: wealth, talent, friends, promotion, and etc…

The distance is man’s fault, not God’s.

Often we read in the Old Testament that after a battle of victory or a deliverance of ones life, God instructed His children to offer up a sacrifice or build a structure or name the place. I often wondered, “Why?” What was the importance of remembering these places or times in ones life? I often read those passages and tink to myself, “My God sure is sentimental.” If you know me, this is a funny because I don’t have a sentimental bone in my body. Well, I might have two. Judah has helped me in that area. Gary, on the other hand, is like God. He wants to errect a statue, hang a plaque, take a photo, or seal in stone our memories.

Then, it hit me. God wants us to REMEMBER because if we don’t REMEMBER, we FORGET. Like His children in the Old Testament, if we don’t remember all that He does for us, we will forget and so will all the generations after us.

Now, I am not going to start building statues, giving things and places special names, or sacrificing at an altar. However, this Selah blog has given me 89 entries so far to REMEMBER all the good things God has done for me. And, the more grateful my heart becomes, the closer I draw towards Him.

That, my friends, is my sole goal in writing.

My 28 Thanks:

1. My writing has drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father.

2. I chose option #2 for my destination.

3. Light Bulb moments when reading the word of God.

4. I have 89 days of rememberance.

5. God does good things for His kids.

6. The Psalmist, David, was a man after God’s very heart. David had a grateful heart.

7. Gary is sentimental.

8. I am more sentimental now then I have ever been before.

9. I spent a relaxing morning at home with Judah.

10. Judah’s closet is full of brand new clothes and I got a STEAL OF A DEAL!

11. I get to bless others with Judah’s clothes that are too small.

12. Spent the afternoon with my mom-in-law and sis-in-law and all our kids.

13. We invaded the library with 5 kids ages 4 and younger. I love the library.

14. Sarah, the lady working the kids section at the library, was really sweet and praised Judah for “reading” 4 books. He got to pick out a prize from the treasure chest.

15. The .15 cent plastic construction hat made Judah grin from ear to ear. He wore it all day.

16. I love watching Judah play pretend.

17. My kids sermon for Sunday finally came together on paper.

18. I can think like Jesus thinks.

19. I have the mind of Christ.

20. Every day is a new opportunity for me to draw even closer to my Heavenly Father.

21. Dinner was easy for Judah and me. He wanted yogurt and an egg.

22. Judah and I snuggled in the recliner and watched Rio. Judah thought the bird was so funny! I love hearing him laugh.

23. Judah went to bed early tonight. He didn’t have a nap. He fell asleep at 7:00 p.m. This NEVER happens.

24. I got to watch a Hallmark movie with no interruptions.

25. Gary had an easy, restful shift at the fire station.

26. I have a new book to read.

27. God is teaching me, rather convicting me, about the action of HONOR.

28. Restful days.




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