Selah~Day Ninety

I love spending time with my family. Saturday was a blessing. My husband’s family all went to the movies together. We watched the greatly anticipated Disney movie, Planes. I love a movie with a great story line. Although many of the jokes were above the heads of kids, my husbang and I had great laughs. The story is about a Crop-Dusting Plane determined to compete with the best of the best fast planes in a race around the world. With a will to win and a determination unmatched, Dusty the Crop Duster amazes the world with his courage, determination, and will.

Dusty defied every odd stacked against him.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The weather was beautiful.

2. I got a little chilled while sitting outside on the back porch this morning. For August, this is a huge blessing.

3. Gary makes the best pancakes. It is one of his favorite foods. He made pancakes for Judah and himself.

4. We gave Judah a haircut. It looks really good for an at home barber shop do!

5. My mother-in-law organized a family day at the movies.

6. Laura stood in line and purchased all of our tickets so we didn’t have to wait in a long line.

7. We got the perfect row of seats in the theater.

8. We had a great time laughing together at the funny lines in Planes.

9. Good, Clean, Wholesome, Family movies.

10. The will to win.

11. The spirit of a Champion.

12. Underdog stories.

13. Creative writers who can personify airplanes and make a human cheer for them, cry for them, and laugh at them.

14. All the kids did great at the movies.

15. It only took me 45 minutes to setup my teaching props at the church.

16. We took Judah and Morgan to Earlywine Park. They had so much fun.

17. Judah is such a boy. He chased squirrels up trees with a stick and loved hanging with one hand off the bars.

18. Gary is an awesome playmate for Judah.

19. I love listening to Judah and Morgan carry on kid conversations. They are so funny.

20. Gary and I made a spontaneous trip to Sams Club and bought the TV we have been discussing for 6 weeks. Another spontaneous outing for me…I am doing so well with spontaneity.

21. Kyle, the TV salesperson at Sams, was super knowledgeable and helpful.

22. We got a great deal on a really nice TV.

23. I went grocery shopping on a Saturday.

24. Gary helped entertain Judah so I could study on my message.

25. Judah loves to spend time with Gary and me.

26. I finally hung up or put up every article of clothing in my closet. You can see the entire closet floor now.

27.  Nightime stories and bedtime prayers are always a welcomed end to super fun days.

28. God thinks good things about me!


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