Selah~Day Ninety One

Sunday is a busy day. It starts early and ends late and is full of “stuff” in between. Because it is busy for me, it is also a busy day for Judah. When we got home from the evening church service, Judah had yet to eat and he was hungry. He wanted honey nut cheerios with milk from the “blue jug.” No, milk isn’t sold in blue jugs, but our milk container has blue writing on it and Judah wants us to make sure and serve him the milk in the blue jug (the only milk jug in our refrigerator). After settling him to eat at our pub table, I turned around to clean up the dishes from earlier in the day. Within seconds, I hear a loud crash and cry. Judah had fallen from the table and took the placemat, bowl of freshly poured cereal, and spoon to the floor with him. He sat crying in spilled milk and cereal.

For a moment, thoughts of how to react raced through my mind. I was tired too. Really tired. But, this was an opportunity to show grace and not be a grouch! I ran to his aide and picked his milk drenched body up into my arms and held him close. I told him it would all be okay and that I would clean him up and get him a new bowl of cereal with milk from the blue jug.

After I settled Judah down, I asked him in a very soft voice so he would know that I wasn’t angry, “Judah, why were you getting down from the table anyway?” He responded, “Because Mommy, I had to go pee. I didn’t want to pee in my mants (pants).” At that moment, I hugged him again and laughed, thanking God that I chose to respond with grace and not be a grouch.

You see, we can take the messes of our lives and chose instead to turn them into memories. Before I cleaned up the bowl of cereal, I took a picture of it and texted it to Gary. We laughed about it.

I am pretty sure Jesus doesn’t make a BIG deal out of my messes, but rather He covers up my messes with FORGIVENESS AND LOVE!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah’s messy cereal mishap late at night taught me a lesson.

2. I chose to respond with grace and not be a grouch.

3. I laughed about a messy situation late, late at night.

4. Messes can be turned into memories.

5. Judah didn’t get hurt when he fell from the table.

6. I can send picture text to Gary and make sure he knows what I have to do while he is at the fire station. Ha Ha Ha…

7. Jesus covers my messes in Forgiveness and Love.

8. Messes can be cleaned up.

9. Judah and I fell asleep together watching Despicable Me. I love that movie. There has to be an idea for a kids series, so I can show clips in KidMotion.

10. I completely forgot to put shoes on Judah this morning for church. I didn’t pack any in his bag either. So, when I pulled him out of his car seat once we arrived at church, it hit me! Judah said, “That’s okay, mommy. You can just carry me.” So, I carried into church the folowing,  Judah, my computer bag, my purse, and Judah’s bag.

11. Muscles.

12. Automatic doors that open.

13. People were very kind and patient while we worked to figure out a glich in our check-in system.

14. We launched our 4 week Back to School Bash series and the kids had a good time.

15. Miss JaQuisha and the Preschool team have done an amazing job while Lori and family have been on vacation.

16. Lori is home from vacation!

17. Mrs. Jen, a leader in my 5s class,  is so full of life and smiles. She is a face I enjoy seeing every Sunday. She told me how to make a reading tent out of material for Judah.

18. I sent a “I miss you” card to a teenager who I hadn’t seen in a month or so. She came to church yesterday because of my card! It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

19. Sande bought me an Oklahoma Charm Necklace. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Sande is such a blessing and a joy to be around.

20. Holly is so faithful to always serve. She is an early bird and that is why she is perfect to run early morning check-in. I am so thankful for her bubbly personality early in the morning.

21. Pastor Ted and family had an awesome vacation. So glad the are relaxed, refreshed, and READY to go.

22. Another friend of mine started a 10,000 reasons blog journey. There is no time like NOW time to start.

23. Angela is really growing as a leader on the stage. She is a blessing.

24. Another family in our church became a Foster care family. The families in our church are such blessings to the community.

25. I had great conversation with a friend. I encouraged her to come to church last night and the message was perfect for her. It really encouraged her.

26. My friend told me that she has been set FREE.

27. I have a TV in my room now. So, when Gary is at the fire station, I can play the Daystar channel all night long. I love having the music and scriptures stroll all night.

28. Forgiveness, Love, and Hope.


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