Selah~Day 101

My 28 Thanks:

1. It is well with my soul.

2. God is my anchor, my steadfast.

3. Judah and I played a fun game of “pirate” in the car. It was a cute game that didn’t make much since. But, he made it up and thought it was so fun. At least I wasn’t a bad pirate.

4. I got to talk to my friend, Holly, about dreams on my way into work.

5. Dreams.

6. Lunch was catered by Johnny Carinos and it was so good.

7. We celebrated Shea today. It was her last day on staff at Crossroads. She has been a bright face and a sweet hug in my life. I am going to miss her dearly.

8. Shea is “punching fear in the face”, leaving her comfort zone, and following God’s will into the mission field. Wow! So proud of her.

9. My creative mind was active today.

10. Creative meeting was successful.

11. The team liked my pitch for the Christmas production. I even had several laughs when acting out some parts.

12. I am almost finished with a writing project.  I have invested a great deal of time and thought.

13. The completion of tasks feels so good.

14. I had an amazing conversation with our new youth pastor’s wife, Talena. Really excited to get to know her more. She is a very sweet, neat lady.

15. Pastor Marc and I had a great brainstorm session discussing the “gap” we have from kidz ministry to youth ministry. We have some great things planned to fill that gap.

16. Thursday is my Friday.

17. The lady at the library was super helpful and kind.

18. The library has a drive thru book drop-off. I didn’t have to get out of my car to return 20 books.

19. Judah loves for us to read to him.

20. The back porch swing. I love spending time out there.

21. Every conversation I have with Judah is something to treasure. He cracks me up and continually reminds me how much he soaks in from his daily activity.

22. I got to spend the evening with my friend, Danielle.

23. We talked about the future. It is so much better than the past.

24. Your better days can always be before you! You can choose that!

25. I have learned so much about transition and response in the last 7 years.

26. Judah took a shower and that makes bath time so much easier.

27. Judah and I watched 5,000 episodes of Phinneas and Ferb. (Okay, big exaggeration, but it felt like that!)

28. Late night chick-flick to end a great day. It was relaxing.



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