Selah~Day 103

My 28 Thanks:

1. We laughed a lot today.

2. Laughter makes you feel so good on the inside.

3. We woke up early today and it has made the day seem so much longer.

4. My house has become a comfortable home.

5. My house welcomes me everytime I come through the door.

6. I feel safe and secure in my home.

7. I feel safe and secure in the arms of my Loving Father.

8. I can rest in the shadows of His almighty wings.

9. The morning consisted of play-doh fun, blocks, and pretend play.

10. I do not take for granted any moment that I get to spend on the floor in Judah’s play room. I love playing with him and making memories.

11. We made a huge play-doh mess on the wood floors and had a blast. Thankfully, it cleans up easy.

12. We washed the car today. Judah LOVES washing the car in the automatic car wash. I love experiencing such simple, silly moments with him. Gary and I are so blessed.

13. My friend, Debby, is rocking the Daniels Fast and feeling great! Proud of her.

14. Fantasy Football is fast approaching. Trying to decide my team name for this year. I could just go with “Winner” or “Undefeated” or “Can’t Touch This.”

15. We got so much accomplished on our to-do list. I love accomplishing tasks.

16. We had a great time playing outside in the water. Gary got into Judah’s TINY TINY TINY swimming pool. It was hilarious. I have a picture, but I promised not to post it:)

17. My plants still look so good. They are big and beautiful.

18. Our grass is super green. We have never had green grass throughout the entire summer.

19. I smelled lots of Fall scent candles today. Fall is approaching fast.

20. I came across an amazing Christmas Party idea today. Excited to share it with my friends.

21. I have cooked all weekend.

22. Judah is doing so much better sitting at the table and eating his entire meal. Gary and I are exhausted at the end of the meal, but I know it will pay off in the long run.

23. Training, training, and training a child eventually pays off.

24. Even though I am not a fancy meal cooker, Gary always appreciates my cooking and tells me Thank You all the time.

25. Talking about friendships tomorrow morning in KidMotion. It is so important to surround yourself with Godly friends. You definitely want to be “yoked” with someone who is going in the same direction as you!

26. I have great friends.

27. My in-laws made advanced plans for Labor Day. I am so proud of them.

28. Family.


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