Selah~Day 104

My 28 Thanks:

1. Getting to church was easy.

2. I forgot to pick up new candy for our Spin to Win birthday game. So, Gary ran to Wal-Mart and picked up some awesome choices for us. The kids loved the new candy options.

3. Church service went smooth.

4. We didn’t have any technical problems.

5. Our kids church numbers were back up after all the summer vacations and festivities. I loved having a full house again.

6. The kids loved my modern day telling of Zacchaeus.

7. I love watching the kids worship to the song, “Glory to God.” They sing that song with all their heart.

8. Our kidcrew practice from the week before paid off. Our kidcrew was awesome and took it up a level.

9. I love spending time with my 6th grade small group.

10. Danielle sent me a sweet text letting me know that she was praying for us to have a great day and that we wil always be connected through prayer!

11. I love my leadership team. They are awesome and committed.

12. Judah told me that he learned about, “Jesus, the Bible, and David and Goliath.” I wish I could spell Goliath the way he pronounces it, but take my word for it, he says it so cute!

13. Judah loves his class at church. I love that he loves learning about Jesus.

14. We had a spontaneous lunch with the Drewerys. We don’t get to hang out with them too often.

15. Swadley’s wasn’t crowded at all and we got our amazing food fast.

16. Judah and Aly had a fun time together at the restaurant. Aly could be on my “Future Wife for Judah” list.

17. Kidcrew practice went well. Our team is ready for Shine Your Light this coming Sunday. It will be a great new song.

18. Mrs. Debbie has the energy of a 20 year old. Her love for kids music makes me smile.

19. I had a great conversation with Clayton and ironed out the details of our service for Labor Day Sunday. It is going to be so much fun.

20. I got a lot of work done Sunday afternoon, so Monday will be a breeze!

21. During service, I was able to pray with my friend, Laura. I am believing for a new season of life in her life!

22. I saw my friend Kenneth Fullwood sitting across the sanctuary with his mom. After service, I had a nice chat with a dear friend. I would love for Kenneth and Jenny to live closer. Our boys are meant to grow up together! The Judah and Joel team. Maybe one day…

23. Sunday PM service got out earlier than usual. We still had time to hang out as a family after church.

24. Judah fell asleep in the car on the ride home from church. I am glad we didn’t go out to eat afterwards. He was exhausted.

25. Even though Sundays are long days for Judah, he does amazingly well. His attitude is usually flexible and fun.

26. Gary and I cooked dinner together.

27. Gary is the spiritual leader of our home. Last night, a horrible commercial came across the television screen. Immediately, Gary began to pray against the enemy and evil. He prayed protection over our home. I will never put my TV channel on Scy Fi again. In my opinion, that channel is filled with shows who mask the demonic presence with Scy Fi.

28. No evil thing can come near my dwelling.


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