Selah~Day 105

It has been a few days since I painted a more elaborate picture of my heart. Unfortunately, time constraints stifle my ability to write. My mind is racing and my heart is full, so I hope the time will come soon that allows me an opportunity to share.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary and Judah enjoy watching Phineas and Ferb together. They find similar things funny. Its cute to listen to them laugh together.

2. Judah wants me to hold him first thing upon waking up. If he had it his way, I would hold him for a good hour upon waking up. It is such a sweet time even if it is short lived.

3. I had chit chat time with Gary and Judah before leaving for work.

4. I choose to think on things that are pure, holy, and of a good report. If it isn’t, then I don’t want to think on it. My mind is better for it.

5. I live in this world, but I don’t have to be of this world.

6. The Drewery’s talked trash about my son today and I didn’t beat them up! HA HA HA! Secretviely, they want Aly to marry Judah so she can have an amazing mother-in-law. I love funny conversations with friends.

7. Gary changed out the KidMotion set today in about 2 hours. He is so handy.

8. Pastor Marc made me laugh really hard today. He has such a funny sense of humor. He fits well with our team.

9.  Jameson was encouraged today and I saw excitement from him.

10. I finished a very important script today. I love writing.

11. I finished the script 4 days before my deadline.

12. The people I submitted the script to liked it…I think:)

13. Conversations with Starla are always enjoyable. She has a natural gift to encourage others. Every time I talk to her, she shares another piece of her beautiful heart.

14. Sam Jones is celebrating a birthday today. I am thankful for his heart and his love to serve others.

15. I received a GREEN LIGHT today to pursue change on an issue that has been on my heart for 6 years.

16. Judah was so excited to go to his open house tonight at his little school.

17. He was polite, He said both “hello” and “goodbye” to his  new teachers.

18. Judah got amazing preschool teachers. I can’t wait for him to have this awesome experience. We are so blessed to be able to do this for him.

19. We actually got a super cute family photo while at the school. This rarely happens anymore. And, I didn’t have to bribe Judah with a quarter!

20. All 5 Oklahoma Hendrickson cousins will be at the same preschool on the same day in the same hallway. Oh Boy!

21. We had Pei Wei for dinner with friends, Rony and Danielle. We ate out on the patio and the weather was perfect.

22. Judah devoured his meal and had a great time eating with chop sticks. And, now Danielle has a good memory of fine Chinese Cuisine.

23. We shared the funniest of stories and laughed so hard. I love funny stories.

24. Rony gave me some pointers for fantasy football. I am going to destroy my league. I just can’t settle on a team name.

25. My firend Jamie texted me a sweet message today. She always brings a smile to my face. We are going to do lunch soon.

26. I already have Sunday’s service planned. I am working way ahead this week!

27. When pressure is applied, some people shine. I work with bright lights.

28. I am a part of something that is greater than myself.


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