Selah~Day 112 and Day 113

My 28 Thanks: Day 112

1. We actually celebrated the Labor Day Holiday and rested from work.

2. Gary had the Holiday off from the fire station.

3. Time with family.

4. We went to Andy Alligator’s Water Park with Gary’s family. It wasn’t super crowded at first.

5. Sunscreen.

6. Chlorinated water.

7. Even though the lazy river at the park became crowded and congested, I didn’t have any social anxiety. I usually DO NOT like crowded environments at all, but I didn’t mind it much. I stayed calm and cool.

8. I love watching kids have a great time.

9. Judah conquered his fear of the giant water bucket and stood underneath it while it poured. He didn’t stand in the splash zone, but he did go near the bucket.

10. I don’t smoke or have any addictive behaviors.

11. We were able to bless another family with some of our chairs at the water park. They were so thankful.

12. Gary told me multiple times today that he loves me.

13. Gary makes me laugh.

14. The weather was amazing!

15. Gary is an fully involved, amazing dad.

16. Gary’s family decided to take a chance at fantasy football this year. So, we started a family league. It should be fun.

17. We feasted on great food!

18. Everyone loved my broccoli, cauliflower, onion, and cheese salad.

19. Gary and I sat with all the kids on the trampoline. I told them an adventure story. They were all characters in the story who went to hunt butterflies in the butterfly field.

20. They loved helping me “fill in the blanks” of the story.

21. We laughed a lot and had so much fun using our imaginations.

22. We got paper bags and tried to have a “potato sack” race.

23. The game turned into a big chase with Uncle Gary.  Gary is a great play mate!

24. Kids laughter.

25. We spent an hour catching lightning bugs. It brought back memories and was so fun!

26. Memories.

27. Enjoyed an evening outside, relaxing with family.

28. Judah spontaneously told me, “I love you, Mommy.”


My 28 Thanks: Day 113

1. I had a great morning.

2. Jameson made his teaching debut in staff chapel today.  He did great.

3. He switched his teaching rotation with me, so I didn’t have to prepare over a holiday.

4. This allowed me to spend my entire holiday weekend with family (My momma) and free from work related stuff. Thank you, Jameson!

5. The Holy Spirit showed up in staff meeting.

6. We sang “How He Loves Us” this morning.

7. My teammates make me laugh.

8. I got payroll completed before I left for work today.

9. I had lunch with my sweet friend, Jamie. She has been through some tough times with me. I appreciate her friendship and wisdom.

10. She treated me to lunch at Tealicious. The chef for Tealicious was our chef at Camp Wow. It was a super great atmosphere and wonderful food.

11. Jamie shared her heart and insight with me.

12. God is messing with Jamie’s world. Her dreams are going to come true!

13. BIG things happended in my friends, Sam and Starla, lives today.

14. Pastor Marc had a great opportunity to minister to a football team today.

15. I live in Oklahoma…we still allow organizations like Fellowship of Christian Athletes and kids can pray in their schools if they want too!

16. Gary and Judah had a fun day at the park.

17. Today is my baby sister’s birthday. She is 22. I remember changing her diapers, feeding her, and helping her with homework. I can’t believe she is now finishing college. She is a beautiful, talented, and funny young lady.

18. Judah sent Haley the cutest of all birthday videos.

19. Judah was in an amazing, funny mood tonight. Everything made him laugh.

20. We snuggled in the recliner, ate popcorn, and watched an episode of Team Umizoomi.

21. Before there can be a victory, there has to be a trial. Trials lead to victory.

22. Before there can be healing, there has to be a hurt. Hurts lead to healing.

23. I get to lay down in a clean bed with a pillow and a blanket every night.

24. Judah’s 1st day of preschool clothes are laid out and ready to go, his lunch is packed, and his bag is packed. Mommy and daddy are the only ones not ready:( We are excited for this opportunity for our son.

25. Judah’s new school is super close to our home.

26. Judah was in bed by 9:00 p.m. And, after 3 Bible stories, he fell asleep.

27. Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego were thrown into hot lava and I LOVE how my son tells it that way!

28. The stories in the Bible are true!



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