Selah~Day 114

My 28 Thanks:

1. I was able to go on a morning walk before work.

2. Talking to God on my morning walk was delightful.

3. I can talk to God.

4. My legs felt sore after my brisk walk. Even though they were sore, it lets me know that I worked them out.

5. It was a most beautifully cool morning.

6. Judah had his first day of preschool.

7. He gets to attend a private, Christian school.

8. Judah got the best two teachers in the school.

9. Laura sent me a text letting me know that Judah was doing well. So glad that I have family working at the school.

10. Jameson helped me record the voice over for a special video. He made it happen with only moments notice.

11. Charlie came quickly to help record too. I have a great team.

12. Gary finished the Shine Your Light set. So glad he helps me in ministry.

13. Gary is super handy and can usually figure out anything.

14. I was able to drop Judah off at school and also pick him up from school.

15. Judah wanted to hold my hand when we were walking to his class.

16. He ate all the healthy food I packed in his lunch box.

17. Judah’s teachers said he did great.

18. Holly made me a BEAUTIFUL, hand sewn pillow. I love it. It has the state of Oklahoma sewn on gray and cream chevron fabric.

19. I am an Oklahoman!

20. Kids service went smoothly.

21. Angela Mondragon is a great blessing and is loving teaching the 5th grade stars. So thankful to have her on my team.

22. Mrs. Lacey, Mrs. Jessica, Mrs. Corrie, and Mrs. Tressa are rockstar 3 year old teachers. Judah loves his class at church.

23. Judah talked about school on the way home from church. I love car ride conversations. I usually keep it very quiet, no radio or other noise,  because it is the perfect opportunity to talk with Judah.

24. Judah told me his favorite part of the day at school was music class. I named him Judah because it means PRAISE.

25. My son has a heart that is sensitive to the Lord.

26. We made it home by 9:30.

27. Jesus is my best friend.

28. He is better than any superhero…I love that song too and we sang it like crazy tonight in KidMotion.



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