Selah~Day 115

My 28 Thanks:

1. My mother in law is alive! After experiencing incredibly high blood pressure and chest pain, she was rushed to the heart hospital by ambulance. They continue to do test, but she is stable and well.

2. When I got the news about my MIL, I was in a meeting at work. My team began to pray with me. After prayer, there is always peace.

3. We have great hospitals in OKC.

4. Medical technology is so advanced.

5. God speaks in random ways sometimes, but at least He speaks.

6. People care about me.

7. I spent the ENTIRE day in one room…meeting! The day went by fast.

8. My husband was able to get leave the fire station rather quickly (not always an option) and go see his mom at the hospital.

9. Suprisingly, Gary got to spend the rest of the shift at home.

10. I had a last minute, great idea for a service opener in KidMotion on Sunday. But, I didn’t think it would be possible. I shared the idea with Jameson and he made it happen in no time! Thank God for techies!

11. Pastor Marcia asked me to read something that she is putting together. It was awesome and I could tell she spent HOURS putting it together. I love that she gives 100+% to all her work.

12. I have worked a lot this week and there is still so much to do…this problem turns into praise because it = job security:)

13. Dorothy brought us Chik-Fil-A for lunch so we could keep right on working.

14. When you work as a team, everyone shares the work load. Glad I work with a team.

15. Pastor and friends have texted or call to check in on my family.

16. The Family ID conference at church this Saturday is FULL. People committed to their family is a beautiful thing.

17. The video that we have been working on for 3 weeks is AMAZING. I got an initial view today and loved it.

18. People who come through for you in a moment’s notice.

19. People who are ready in season and out of season.

20. Gary and I mowed the lawn together in the late evening. The weather was nice. And, if I help, he finishes much quicker.

21. We don’t have to mow on our day off together.

22. While doing the yard work, I was able to clear my mind and focus in on my message for KidMo.

23. I thought of two illustrations.

24. Thursday is my FRIDAY. TGIF!

25. Bedtime Bible stories.

26. Judah makes me laugh all the time.

27. The fall season is fast approaching. I can almost smell “pumpkin spice” in the air.

28. Life is so full…you just have to open your eyes and see. Its all about your perspective. If you don’t like it, change the lens that you are looking through.


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