Selah~Day 117

Saturday, September 7

My 28 Thanks:

1. The Book of Psalm.

2. I choose to love and not hate.

3. I choose to follow peace.

4. I choose to put others first.

5. I woke up rested.

6. Judah woke up rested and in a great mood.

7. We got ready easily for the Family ID conference.

8. The Family ID conference was Life Changing! I am so glad I got to be apart of it.

9. Young adults who take time to invest in their future.

10. The Family unit is a powerful unit and one that can’t be destroyed easily.

11. Judah had fun.

12. The catering from Panera Bread was healthy and amazing. Judah was thrilled to get a bagel.

13. Angela did a great job organizing the conference. It was smooth, error free, and fun.

14. The future is bright for my family.

15. Debby sat by me at the conference. She is pumped to share what we learned today with her family too!

16. I blessed Judah with Orange Leaf. My little man is so funny. He got orange yogurt, with orange gummy worms, and an orange spoon.

17. Lorry Gail and I spent 5 hours co-writing the Celebrate Christmas 2013 production script.

18. Christmas is WRAPPED…tied up with string:)

19. Christmas music is never out of season.

20. Funny lines from movies, Tim Hawkins, the Muppets, and all other creative venues that provided great inspiration for our writings.

21. Laughter. We laughed a lot and found ourselves really funny.

22. OU and OSU won their football games. Everyone should be in a great mood.

23. My mind is creatively drained. Thank God is can be refueled.

24. There is always a new idea or a new way of communicating. Thank God we don’t ever run out of stuff to do!

25. My study for Shine Your Light Launch went well. I feel tired, but prepared.

26. Judah was so helpful and obedient today.

27. I am ahead of the game in some areas.

28. Daystar Television. It keeps me company when Gary is at the fire station.


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