Selah~Day 118

I had a great, busy weekend full of accomplishments. Now, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Ha Ha Ha

When I woke up Sunday morning, I was mentally exhausted. I had studied much for the message I wanted to present to launch our KidMotion Shine Your Light series. But, when I woke that morning, I didn’t have a kick in my step if you know what I mean. My “bandwidth” was used up! I even mentioned to my team in our prep and prayer that I was a little concerned with how effectively I would present the message. I was honest and told them my thoughts felt very jumbled and I was expecting the Holy Spirit to set them all straight when I opened up my mouth on stage.

And, He did. Why would I ever doubt that God will see us through. Thank God He gives us exactly what we need for each day. Often, I remind myself that He is my portion, He is more than enough, He is exactly what I need, He is a perfect measurement, an Exact, nothing lacking…He is what I need to not only make it through each day, but thrive in each day.

Let’s Bring On Monday!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary got home at a good time this morning from the fire station.

2. We were not rushed to get ready for church. We had plenty of time.

3. God is more than enough for me.

4. When I am weak, He is made strong.

5. He gives me Grace.

6. I had more passion and energy when I got on stage then what I have had when I felt rested.

7. Our opening series sketch went perfectly!

8. The kids love our new Shine Your Light series song.

9. The kids thought Lorry Gail’s object lesson was really funny. We didn’t plan for it to be that way, but it was. She did great and it would perfectly as an intro to the message.

10. Whoever created Minions is AWESOME. I love those little yellow creatures.

11. Aaron really helped me execute the opening sketch through sound board.

12. Jeremy did a great job running sound.

13. I had both a sound and light guy yesterday. There is truly power in numbers.

14. Kids ministry, from Babies to preschool to elementary, went well.

15. Lunch with the Family.

16. Judah took a 3 hour nap. He was exhausted. Glad he got some rest.

17. My fantasy football team has done well this weekend!

18. Morgan was thrilled to go back to church with us. She talked the entire car ride. Girls are so funny.

19. Pastor Tami’s message was timely and great.

20. God is true to His promises.

21. The problem doesn’t have the authority to steal your promise.

22. I can be spirit led and emotionally in-touch.

23. Gary and I got to enjoy the entire church service together.

24. Dr. Rodgers is an amazing family doctor and he attends church with us.

25. Uniterrupted conversations with my husband.

26. God is Faithful.

27. He is true to His Word.

28. His Word WILL NOT return Void.


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