Selah~Day 124

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I spent a wonderful, quiet morning together.

2. Holly came over and transformed my house into the fall season.

3. Fall decorating is so fun.

4. I love having people in my life who can see potential in a mess.

5. My fall decorations survived a year-long life stuffed in plastic tubs.

6. Judah and I joined Gary’s family for Disney on Ice. It was my first trip to the fair since I was a little girl.

7. I stayed calm in the sea of people. This is huge for me people.

8. We found free parking.

9. Laura drove. I enjoy being chauffeured.

10. We had great center section seats.

11. Gary worked the fair on the OCFD bike team. He got to come and watch some of the show with us. It was a nice surprise.

12. The kids had a blast. I think they enjoyed the spinning light toys more than the show. But, the adults enjoyed the show. I still love Beauty and the Beast the most!

13. My husband is so sweet and handsome. I love watching him serve others in his job.

14. Gary loves to help people.

15. Zach got settled into school and got a great bed in his apartment with 4 other roommates.

16. Pastor Ted and Tami are doing well after dropping Zach off for school.

17. Excited that several of the young people I serve with have great future ministry opportunities.

18. When we came back home from the fair, Judah said, “Wow, my house looks beautiful!” It was so sweet and cute. Judah loves the fall too.

19. I love hearing about personal growth and spiritual growth in the lives of other people. Growth is the will of God.

20. God created interesting people.

21. I never smoked a cigarette in my life. I am so thankful that I do not have an addiction.

22. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

23. Judah and I chose to go home after Disney on Ice. We drove separate, so we didn’t have to stay at the fair with the rest of the State of Oklahoma!

24. Gary was able to walk us out to our car. He always makes me feel safe.

25. Jesus changed the life of woman at the well.

26. Your story is powerful-you should to tell it.

27. Judah loves to cuddle and snuggle. He is my buddy.

28. Rest.


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