Selah~Day 125

Even though the weather has been absolutely dreamy this weekend, I have felt under it. Sore throat, itchy eyes, achy body, and ear aches, have put a damper on the usual energy I have for my days. But, regardless of how I feel, I choose to praise Him. He deserves to be praised just because of who He is…not for what He has done. I will praise Him through every circumstance and rejoice in my healing!

My 28 thanks:

1. I think that if I drink enough water, I will flush out all the bad germs in my body! I love water. I crave water.

2. Cough drops.

3. I had the strength to teach today in KidMotion.

4. My voice held up for the entire morning.

5. The kids continue to love Shine A Light. They rock that song! I love to watch kids worship Jesus.

6. Miss Deborah conquered a personal “stage” fear today and did the Big Idea segment.

7. A mom text me after service and said that her daughter was retelling the entire Bible story today from KidMotion. I love hearing that kids learned and loved kids church.

8. One of my leaders told me that an encouragement card I sent to her last week came at the most needed of times.

9. All of the Kidz Ministry service went well.

10. My KidMotion leaders loved small group time this morning. I love our large group/small group model. It is the way to go.

11. I love the opportunity to make one-on-one connections with our kids. Small groups give us that opportunity.

12. I love spending time with my 6th grade small group. The kids were so funny today about the shoe game I wanted them to play. Middle Schoolers are WEIRD! Ha Ha Ha

13. I made homemade chicken spaghetti.

14. I didn’t need a recipe. I used my memory, Baby!

15. Gary and Judah loved my chicken spaghetti.

16. We will have lots of yummy leftovers.

17. Mrs. Pam wanted to use Judah’s fingerprints for one of her art projects. It was so sweet of Pam to want to use Judah for her project.

18. I talked to a couple today who is interested in serving in Kidz Ministry.

19. Gary and Judah have an amazing, fun relationship. They play so well together. Gary gives Judah 100% all the time.

20. Judah was in a super funny mood today. He laughed and made us laugh all afternoon. We are thankful for laughter.

21. Gary took Judah to the store and gave me an opportunity to catch up on work in quiet.

22. Some of my family had a wonderful, relaxing time at Broken Bow this weekend. I am from a most beautiful part of the State.

23. It appears that I remain undefeated in fantasy football. Tomorrow, I will pour on the smack talk!

24. Pastor taught on Psalm 91 tonight. It has always been one of my most favorite passages.

25. I laughed a lot in church tonight. Pastor told some funny stories. It is even more fun when he is the “butt” of the jokes.

26. I don’t have to be insecure.

27. No evil shall befall me or my family.

28. No plague shall come near my dwelling.


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