Selah~Day 126

My 28 Thanks:

1. I didn’t feel good at all when I first woke up this morning. But, I was determined to get out of bed and get ready…something my mom swears by! The more I moved around, the better I felt. By the time I left for work, I was feeling much better.

2. I am glad that I am not always moved by how I feel.

3. Judah and I enjoyed a sweet conversation this morning while getting ready for our day. I put him up on the bathroom counter so I could fix his hair. While brushing his hair he said, “Mommy, are you going to come back for me today?” I looked into those beautiful, blue eyes and assured him that I would always come back for him. That little boy has my heart.

4. Judah walked into his class without crying.

5. Judah’s teachers always greet us with the sweetest smile and the warmest of voices. They have the most gentle spirit. You can feel it. I want to go into their classroom too.

6. Christian Education.

7. When I left the school, I saw Judah playing with a new little friend.

8. My mother-in-law picked up Judah for me today, so I didn’t have to leave work early.

9. Judah was able to play with his cousins for a while after school.

10. It only takes me 180 seconds to get to Judah’s school from our home.

11. I worked in overdrive this morning and got two events in progress. All you have to do is START! I am feeling accomplished tonight.

12. Pastor Marcia always helps me out and gives me advice.

13. Today, I was able to step in and help out Pastor Marcia.

14. I got to help a family today. They lost their mom on Saturday and I was able to be the shoulder to lean on as they made funeral arrangements.

15. Dustin taught me a super simple way to scan and email documents today. I love learning new and easy tricks of the trade.

16. The new kids ministry re-design sketches are AMAZING. I can’t wait for my church family to see what the future is going to look like.

17. My voice is slowly returning to normal.

18. The leftovers were as good tonight as they were fresh yesterday. And, I hate leftovers.

19. I actually enjoyed cooking yesterday.

20. My brother-in-law is in route back to the USA for two weeks R and R. I am so thankful for his service and so excited for him to see his family tomorrow.

21. Our church is blessed with awesome volunteers who want to build the Kingdom of God with us.

22. Pastor Ted purchased us all an Easy Button. I am glad that he was in a light-hearted, good mood today…especially since my fantasy team slaughtered his fantasy team…but, who is keeping score, right? I only checked the app 500,000 times! Ha Ha Ha

23. Gary was super excited that he didn’t get loaned to another fire station today. He gets to stay put at station 8.

24. Today, Pastor Marc had another door open for ministry to a Moore School football team. Favor isn’t Fair, but it is falling on Pastor Marc!

25. My mom still calls to check on me and see how I am doing.

26. Turnaround Leadership.

27. Judah fell asleep in my arms tonight.

28. Wisdom.


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