Selah~Day 136

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I enjoyed a quiet morning at home.

2. We met up with Amy, Asher, and Jairus at the park to play.

3. The park was full of kids having a great time.

4. The park is well cared for and has great climbing toys for Judah.

5. I have two great parks within a mile from my home.

6. The wind kept the 90 degree temp cooler and more enjoyable.

7. Fun conversations with friends.

8. I made great food choices all day.

9. I confirmed a choreographer for this year’s Christmas Production. Bummed that I won’t get to spend time with the talented, Cami Sheaffer, but our new choreographer is amazing too!

10. My mom and I had lots of conversations today about healthy living. I like to talk about health and wellness. She is practically an expert too. She sent me lots of material to read.

11. Asher, Jairus, and Judah have fun playing together. Judah really bonded with them when he stayed at their house while we were at kids camp.

12. My neighbors put up my trash cans for me. I usually try to beat them to the punch and put up theirs. But, they won this week.

13. All the housework has been accomplished, so we can enjoy Gary’s day off tomorrow.

14. My friend, Clayton, helped me with an object lesson for Tuesday’s staff chapel teaching.

15. I sent my family a text letting them know how much I missed them. My sister responded with a sweet text. I am hoping that she will be in the OKC area one day soon. I am 12 years older than her, but the older we get, the age gap gets smaller. I would love to spend more time with her.

16. I have brothers and a sister.

17. My mom and dad are getting to spend a quiet weekend together.

18. Our outreach team has kept almost constant watch over a guy named Bear who was hit by a car last week. He rides to church with our outreach team. They show so much compassion and care. I love this team.

19. Judah and I spent the evening outside-enjoyed the weather and play!

20. Judah loves for me to watch him do things. He has the biggest smile on his face when I cheer him on in a task.

21. Judah is really good at riding his bike. He has great control for a 3 year old and I don’t have any concerns with him hurting himself.

22. A friend text me and let me know that my “Pity-Party” blog was helping her even a week later.

23. She didn’t go to Pity’s party. She tore up the invitation.

24. My mom told me that she spoke with our family pastor when I was growing up, VO Stuart. He still prays for me and he gave my mom an encourgaing word to speak to me.

25. Words of Encouragement.

26. Hope.

27. Judah fell asleep in my arms at 7:50 p.m.

28. Relaxing Friday after a very busy, mentally draining week.


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