Selah~Day 142

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary got home somewhat early from the first station so we could see each other before I left for work.

2. Judah was excited to spend the day with his daddy.

3. The Sweet Life series is ready for launch. I am super excited for this series on obedience.

4. Gary helped me with my door prop. I am thankful for my handy husband.

5. Gary loves to do things in excellence too. So, he works extra hard to make things excellent for kids ministry.

6. My new set of boys Bibles came in today. Mr. Jerold will be so excited to have them in his Sunday school class on Sunday!

7. Hugo, one of our new, awesome, custodial team members, carried the box of Bibles for me because they were too heavy for me to carry! He said, “Kara, anything you need me to help you with, you come and get me.” I love helpful people.

8. I was able to have lunch with my friend, Deborah, today. And, she blessed me with my meal.

9. The Lord has done some great things in Deborah’s life in the last year. And, He is just getting started. When you step out and trust Him, He will work on your behalf.

10. I have a job and don’t have to worry about the church ever shutting down. On Monday, both my dad and brother will be off-work until the government gets its act together. Believing this fiasco is short lived. Thankful that our trust is in the Lord and not the government.

11. Today is the birthday of my new friend, Talena, and an old friend, Bev. Both of these ladies have hearts of gold, a love for the Lord, and an incredible love for people.

12. I got to help out a friend today.

13. Curiosity.

14. Accomplishment.

15. I didn’t have to work late today. I got everything done and was able to enjoy the evening with my family…free from work!

16. When we woke Judah up from his late, late afternoon nap, he was in a great mood.

17. Gary and I have not eaten out all week. We cooked at home every night!

18. I had a great, well overdue conversation with my Cali friend, Danielle. I am so glad things are going well for Rony and her.

19. Judah got to eat meatballs for dinner. He loves meatballs.

20. We went on an evening walk around the neighborhood. Judah still loves to stop and read off mailbox numbers.

21. Judah wanted to hold my hand while we walked.

22. Our neighborhood is so peaceful and the people in it are so friendly.

23. Family Movie night…We watched The Croods and had a blast laughing together.

24. Primitive days are over. I love modern day amenities.

25. The Croods, although a Dreamworks, non-Biblical film, presented some great messages on the power of fear and the importance of over-coming it.

26. The words, “I Love You,” are so powerful. We say them all the time in our home.

27. We are an affectionate family. We give out hugs, high fives, smiles, kisses, and words of affirmation freely and often.

28. My mom is coming to visit me this weekend!


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