Selah~Day 149

Thursday, October 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary prays over Judah and me.

2. I had a difficult night. I didn’t feel wall at all, but every morning brings the opportunity for a better day.

3. My team prayed healing over me.

4. I felt better after they prayed for me. I didn’t feel feverish anymore.

5. I had the energy to lead a 2 hour Christmas Creative meeting.

6. We finalized some really important Christmas details.

7. At this point, we are all on the same page!

8. By the end of the morning, I felt better.

9. I spent the afternoon working from home.

10. I was able to help Gary some on the fence.

11. The fence is 50% complete.

12. Judah and I had a fun water fight. He never knows when to stop though. I was soaked!

13. We laughed together.

14. I love hearing Judah sing songs to Jesus.

15. Judah always has a song of praise in his heart–his name means…PRAISE!

16. Gary finally bought a new drill. He has wanted one forever and he found the perfect one at a perfect price.

17. Gary is getting to use his new drill on the fence.

18. I spent time relaxing on the back porch.

19. My friend, Amy, sent me an awesome, encouraging scripture text this morning.

20. My friend, Lacey, is celebrating her birthday today. I am thankful for her sweet smile and loving heart.

21. We “Boo-ed” someone else in our neighborhood tonight. We weren’t secretive enough though and they saw us! It was a great laugh. Glad they didn’t shoot!

22. We had a nice family dinner at Saltgrass.

23. Our service there is always amazing!

24. I only ate a sweet potato and steamed veggies.

25. Gary and I relaxed on the couch and watched a great movie together.

26. Good, wholesome, family movies!

27. God is a God of redemption!


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