Selah~Day 150

Friday, October 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. My mom is coming to town again for a short visit.

2. We have very little planned, so we should get to enjoy our time together.

3. Judah takes simple things and turns them into fun games. Anything can cause a game of chase or tag to take place, a wrestle match to begin, or imagination play to take off.

4. Judah and I love spending time relaxing at home together.

5. My Chiropractor brother gave me an adjustment in my neck. The pain subsided greatly.

6. My brother told me that I looked really pretty. He was so sweet.

7. My brother and Meg are closing on their dream land this next week. I am so excited for them.

8. Kyle, my brother, has a sweet heart. He is quiet, but sweet.

9. I love and appreciate my quirky family.

10. My mom loves to get her hair done. April made it lovely once again.

11. Judah and I looked around Enchanted Cottage. I didn’t buy and he didn’t break!

12. Judah got to get a Panera Bread bagel. He loves them! We enjoyed time outside eating and talking. He is my little buddy.

13. Sunshine.

14. Judah held the door open for an elderly man. (No, I didn’t ask him to do so.)

15. My mom, Judah, and I enjoyed lunch at Pei Wei.

16. I needed to run into Old Navy and return some pants. Judah had fallen asleep. So, my mom stayed in the car with him and let me run in quickly to make the exchange.

17. Judah took a 3 hour nap and woke up acting like a bear. My mom was able to make him laugh! She does the funniest things for a laugh. I enjoyed the show too. Judah’s attitude changed quickly and we had an enjoyable night.

18. We spent most of the evening outside.

19. I spent time with our videographer finalizing a huge video production. I am so glad it is almost over.

20. I have learned many great things about telling stories through video.

21. I have been given new opportunities that stretch me and my creativity, ability, and confidence.

22. I am gaining confidence in new, challenging areas.

23. Gary worked his last Friday shift for a while.

24. He had  great, safe shift.

25. My friend, Deborah, sent me a sweet text letting me know that she thought about me and hoped my day was awesome.

26. My friend, Laura, purchased a special journal today. She is preparing to start her 10,000 reasons journey this week!

27. I took a step forward today in an area that I wanted to walk backwards.


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