Selah~Day 151

Saturday, October 12

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept all night long.

2. Gary made us oatmeal with apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and honey. I added blueberries. It was delicious and healthy.

3. We have a fun day planned with our 6th graders. Pastor Marc and I are working together to bridge the gap between kids and youth.

4. It is the easiest event I have ever planned.

5. Gary and I got to hang out with Marc and Talena and some really great kids.

6. The kids had a most wonderful time.

7. I watched new friendships form.

8. I rode go-carts with Judah. He laughed the entire time. It might become the highlight of the year. All around the track, he kept saying, “this is buper (super) fun!”

9. My 6th graders made Judah feel so special. They love to include him.

10. He loves spending time with other kids!

11. The weather was BEYOND perfect for our event.

12. We all fit in one van. Several kids decided to meet us on location, so we only had to take one van. I love simplicity.

13. I didn’t dress well for this event and I dressed Judah in a white shirt and gave him chocolate milk to drink. Before we left the church, I was sweating and Judah had chocolate milk all down his white shirt. So, Gary saved us! He ran to Wal-Mart and bought us t-shirts to wear!

14. I got to relax and have fun with the kids. I didn’t have to spend time administrating anything or disciplining. I got to have fun with the kids!

15. I felt like a young kid again today.

16. I rode the frog hopper with the girls and screamed like a kid.

17. Judah makes every experience more fun!

18. There was a new hallmark movie on tonight. I am sure I have mentioned it before…but, I love clean, wholesome, family friendly movies. I love love stories too!

19. I had a new recruit conversation today. I love brining new faces on to the team.

20. Gary gave me an awesome back massage. I am trying to work out two cricks in my back and neck.

21. My mood does not rise or fall based on a the final score of a football game.

22. New friendships.

23. Gary and I got to take a walk around our neighborhood alone. My mom stayed with Judah. We actually got to walk quickly and get our heart rates up!

24. My mom shared a scripture with me out of Job. It was about dreams. I am going to start praying it over myself daily.

25. I am working on dreaming again.

26. Joseph had dreams and I am sure they didn’t pan out they way he thought they would; however, they panned out and took him to the sweet life. From a prison to a palace. His dreams came true!

27. Life.


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