Selah~Day 152

Sunday, October 13

My 27 Thanks:

1. Crossroads Kidz Ministry rocked today!

2. We had high attendance in all kidz ministry rooms.

3. We had all 3 baby rooms opened because we had all 3 rooms adequately staffed.

4. The changes we made to the preschool calendar have worked well. Our weeks are balanced now.

5. Jose shined on stage today during the illustration. He is quiet, but has such a willing heart to serve. He did so well.

6. Deborah stepped out of her comfort zone and did well!

7. Judah went to his class without any dramatics. He loves being in the KidMotion room with me, but he is totally not old enough yet:)

8. We completed week 2 of our Sweet Life series on Obedience. I love learning while I teach the kids. I must obey the right way too. God wants our obedience both with words and actions and attitude!

9. I love our new small group model!

10. Brittany and Katie are joining me on the dance team for Christmas Production.

11. Deborah stayed with me and helped me close down the KidMotion room. I really appreciated her help.

12. Matt and Deborah filled in as small group leaders because we had a lot of leaders gone this Sunday. They are great leaders and I am so thankful for their willingness to step in.

13. Joe McGee was at our church. He is a crowd pleaser.

14. We care about families at Crossroads Church.

15. A new kid to our Kidz Ministry sat with a new friend he made the day before at our 6th grade boost event.

16. I had a 12 hour FULL day planned. My in-laws were a huge help with Judah. I couldn’t do my job without my husband or my in-laws helping me out!

17. Judah was so excited to go to his mom mom and papa’s house. He got to ride the “tractor” with his papa.

18. Production practice went well.

19. The dance team nailed down 2 dance numbers.

20. Autumn, one of my teen leaders, is doing a GREAT job teaching the dance pieces for me.

21. Krista showed me a portion of the ballet number and I love it. Krista has been unsure of her choreography abilities, but I pushed her anyway and she DELIVERED!

22. I got to see my precious friend, Jamie, tonight.

23. Jamie is an encourager who always makes me laugh and will be a life-long friend.

24. It was a very long, busy day and I survived.

25. Judah fell asleep rather quickly.

26. The feeling of safety and security is priceless and I am thankful for it.

27. Joseph’s dreams came true. Mine can too.


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