Selah~Day 158

Saturday, October 19

My 27 Thanks:

1. Slow, restful morning with my family all together. We rarely have back to back days off together during the weekends.

2. Judah+Me+Recliner+Cartoons=Bliss.

3. Judah loves to sit on my lap.

4. He still wants to spend time with me.

5. I truly believe that Moms have a very special relationship with their sons. I am so glad I get to experience this.

6. Gary and I helped out my mom by making a special trip to Wal-Mart for items that she left there the day before.

7. TG Farms is such a fun, sweet place to go as a family.

8. Judah had a great time picking out pumpkins.

9. The young lady at TG Farms took our family picture by the pumpkin patch. Judah smiled!

10. We threw a surprise 65th birthday party for my sweet Father-in-law.

11. He was surprised. Shocked actually!

12. My Father-in-Law is loved. People from his work, church, family, and neighborhood all joined together to celebrate him.

13. We had an awesome campfire.

14. The day made my Father-in-Law feel special. Everyone should feel special on their special day.

15. My Sister-in-Law worked really hard on the party and it turned out great.

16. I learned some funny pieces of information at the party. For example, do you know what the phrase “The rabbit is dead” used to be used for? Yep, that’s right…it is the phrase that was once used to tell a woman that she was pregnant.

17. We were able to show some friends our home. They loved it.

18. Our friends who lost their home in the May 20th tornado had a house-warming party to turn their new house back into a home. I am so excited for them.

19. I studied my kidmo lesson earlier in the day, so I had a relaxing evening.

20. One of my favorite Christian authors turned one of her books into a Hallmark movie! I may have a slight problem with Hallmark movies.

21. Teachers are so important in the life of a child. I am thankful for teachers.

22. Judah had a blast playing with his cousins today. Cousins+dirt piles= fun times.

23. Judah fell asleep fast and is going to get great rest!

24. Gary balanced our check book. I am so glad he handles our finances.

25. Beautiful weather.

26. The moon was amazing tonight. Judah has an eye for the sky like his daddy. I am sure we are going to spend many nights looking through the telescope.

27. Today, I learned a very valuable lesson about the importance of not causing anyone else to stumble. I wasn’t a part of either party, but I watched something unfold and it broke my heart. It made me realize how important it is as Christian to never compromise our Godly values because you never know who will be affected by them.


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